Wreath memory Basil Chubanav

Basil buried Chubanava when Belarus celebrated the ninetieth anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic, whose standards were his saints. He died in an old parents’ house, and the house is not built to date. Lonely remained Vassileva is ninety mom. Spending his last journey was sparsely attended: mom, brother, sister, a dozen neighbors and his colleagues at public activities.
In the spring of 1996 on one of the opposition protests Vasily Chubanav met Vladimir Kudryavtsev. In memory Kudryavtseva together with another man is courageous, selfless and courageous.
Vladimir Kudryavtsev reads as follows:
"This man a lot of walking on land and sea. He was a navigator and experienced mariners. Even came to the shores of America. Basil would be helpful Belarusian merchant fleet. He dreamed of krugasvetnae journey on a makeshift ship, "- says Vladimir Kudryavtsev.
Vasily Chubanav adored debate. He often attended classes at the "People’s Institute", which took place in the late ’90s in Krychau. Feel free to engage in polemics with the famous Belarusian economists matters prospects of the Belarusian economy. Many of his materials published on the pages of the independent newspaper "Free City".
In June 2007, Vasily Chubanav unhealthy hard facts about his own life to readers of "Free Town."
Here’s a little piece of the story: "Belarus becomes scanty. With us, no one is going to be friends and cooperate. West slowly dry ourselves from all markets. Our homeland at any moment can cut off the supply of energy resources. Exchange rates will rise, and the Belarusian ruble will fall. We will cooperate with the backward countries of Africa and rogue states. Eventually, find ourselves in a situation where we will not know what to do. So it will be if people start to think about their own future and to act. "
About Basil Chubanava recalls editor of "Free Town" Sergei Uneven:
"Despite the bad state of health, Basil still built the house. Log cabin set. This suggests that Basil wanted to live. It is often said that in today’s Belarus regime decent life for him will not. He was such a dream: to leave in America. America — it was a country of which he dreamed and who wishes hit. "
In 2006 Vasily Chubanav Kalinouski was in the midst of tents on October Square. He was detained, and some time it was a novelty. Recalls managing regional organization BPF Grigory Kostusev:
"Two years back the people that visited the area Kalinowski, and that he was detained and held for two weeks in a mental hospital, has not received wide coverage. This was a fighter. This was the man, who fought for the independence of Belarus and its future. Who sacrificed for the sake of your health, his life. We will keep him in the head and will be guided by him, at his courage, his examples of the struggle for Belarus, for freedom, for independence, for European ones. "
Vasily Chubanav born May 3, 1939 at Krychavshchyne. He graduated from Kaliningrad Marine College. Walked on ships sailing far two oceans: the Pacific and Atlantic. Retired resigned as captain of a merchant ship. In Kryčaŭ returned when Belarus became to be independent. In 1994, after the election of the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has become a member of the movement "BPF" Revival. "

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