Wreath Memory: Sergei Kachanovskii

Sergei Kachanovskii was one of those about whom they say — svetlanosny. Sister Natalia convinced that he became interested in the case of the environmental movement. Having reddish graduate diploma Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (now the Belarusian Polytechnic Academy) and brilliantly defended in Moscow Ph.D. thesis, becoming an assistant professor pile alma mater, he did a great scientific career just as every proper step defines the principles of moral purity.
"He, unfortunately, did not become a head of the department, nor anyone else. Simply, he could not respond to the ideas of the Renaissance. When perestroika began, he and his friend, also teachers, struggled against the university party committee still when he was Russian Alliance. And later, when it began a national revival, he is very intensely perceived in this role. "
If opened in Belarus Soros Foundation, Sergey Kachanovskii became intensively cooperate in its cultural and scientific program notes, and later — in the environmental. Protection of bison in the Bialowieza Forest brought him close to ekazhurnalistam Valery Dranchuk.
"He helped our" greenish "sector rise, arrange some special editions. Especially helped many schools, gave them free ecological literature. Occasionally I beheld it on our actions and remember him as a very elated, optimistic. B ethat peoplee I, certainly, beheld one who believes in change and brings them. "
Main Minsker, techie, Sergei Kachanovskii believed in the power of the native language. Own thing "engineering graphics system projects," he taught in Belarusian. The chairman of the whiteRussian language F. Skaryna Oleg Trusov:
"The Emperor was the usual ordinary Kachanovskii zealots in the field belarushchyny. For its older sister Natalia they honestly worked for many years on Belarus. TBM organize work in Minsk in their own area where they lived, collected signatures, propagated Belarusian-language newspapers, and other publications such makarom Encourage remained our language and our independence. Naturally, such people should always appreciate. Memory of they must always be in our hearts. "
Sergei Kachanovsky buried March 31 at the Eastern Cemetery in Minsk. He is survived by a daughter and scion.

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