Yanka Bryl family at the opening of a memorial plaque was not

At a ceremony attended by several members of the pro-governmental Union of Writers of Belarus — Misha Paznyakov Eugene Karshukov Paul Sakovitch, also a doctor, scholar Yankees Bryl Dr. Dmitry Bugaev, bureaucrats City Committee. Literary critic, Dr. Dmitry Bugaev
lived with a classic in a stairwell:
"His closest friends were Ales Adamovich, Vladimir Kolesnik, Theodore Jankowski. Bryl seducing own intelligence, tact, experience, no matter where he was — he was always the soul of the company, as they say, sophisticated people. According maystertvu words of love for Belarusian word for word agronomist skills so that it sparkles with all its facets is not enough who can compare with Yanka Bryl. " Vasily Sakovich
remembered as Yanka Bryl worked in the magazine "The Hedgehog", and during the war, wrote in a newspaper-poster "crush the fascist vermin." Sakovitch read his dedication Yanka Bryl the 85th anniversary of the writer:
"Like a sorcerer, with visor again he deftly pulls
NOT hares, not pigeons — creative new things.
Birds from nests procession circled over the house,
In Bryl though many plans which sometimes winged.
He apparently without a visor and most high.

Bryl live without creativity — as the soul without a temple. "
None of the family was not Yankee Bryl. The writer’s daughter Galina Bryl said the opening of the board yesterday, and she refused, another daughter, Natalia Semashkevich, presently at the parent suburban home in the village Krinichnaya Korelichi District; scion writer, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Andrey Bril currently in the rising sun and would only return on May 30. At the opening of the memorial plaque is not invited to any of the 1st member of the Union of Belarusian Writers, in which up to the end of his days remained Yanka Bryl. Historian, literary Anatoly Sidorevich
Yanka Bryl friends with ’41:
"If a man wrote:" In our many flags of the world … "- A quote from Yankees Bryl. A person who opens the board — against these flags against the light. What’s that do those who shared glances tastes Ivan Antonovich? This sorry spectacle. "


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