Yaytsekvadratov case: Tribunal on the side of MTS

Painter Victor Markovets and poet Ales Ryazanov from 2007 try to prove in court his authorship conceptual composition of a square egg. This is a cooperative project of the poet and artist, made in 1994. Currently reddish egg in a white box and snowy in the reddish — trading symbol of the MTS mobile.
Victor Markovets clarifies that MTS received yaykakvadratavy trading symbol of British design company. The company is a contract with MTS included the item whereby it is not liable to third parties. Sovereign Markovets in an interview with "Freedom", said:
"MTS is a position defense — ordinary forms (which include yaytsekvadraty) can not be works of art, he says, it was trusting dispute. Turns out that there’s nothing we can do? This is usually done conquistadors who assimilate new areas for profit."
Victor Markovets does not exclude that, coupled with Ales Ryazanov continue to fight for the right accessories to "yaytsekvadraty." Painter emphasizes that protects not cash enthusiasm and moral.

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