Zatulin CIS run across political barriers

"Itself for itself CIS organization naturally want as roundtable and a platform for various kinds of initiatives. I’m a huge swing to her abilities as a public company to promote economic integration. As such, it immediately begins to run across political barriers roznanakiravanasts aspirations throughout the CIS. Very difficult to read on economic integration directly with Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Some of these states in sharp contrast between themselves. For example, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Because the CIS, it will continue to exist. She is the principal field of meetings and discussions. Only thanks to the CIS, despite the difficulties of bilateral contacts, both formally and informally can meet heads of states and governments, and that’s a lot for an international organization. It’s just regional association. "
According Zatulina CIS Russia does not need over some other countries, including the CIS and critics:
"More active critics CIS are usually those who are more and seen that a lot of obstacles in the CIS did not give decisions or subscribing for their decisions later did. Critic CIS, for example, is Ukraine. Sometimes we hear in including representatives from the ruling coalition, the proposal to withdraw from the CIS. But it specifically Ukraine from the early days of the start of the CIS edit its documents. Practically, even Belovezhskaya agreement ratified by Ukraine with a derogation. And being less interested in integration in the CIS it now accuses CIS absence of certain results. povinet So who? In including and Ukraine. And priemuschestvenno those countries that did not want to make decisions for themselves calculated to throw a free hand. Because the CIS, of course, not a standard and there are grounds for criticism. But let’s see what purpose this criticism is conducted and by whom. Each has the right to criticize. But not everyone has a moral right it mattersbe ‘.

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