Zenon Pozniak: Main memory — the spirit of mourning

Sent to the "Freedom" snapshots comments public project editor, Zenon Pozniak Kurapaty opener.
Dzyady fifteenth-2004 (1). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

In the photo story of the Cross procession at Kurapaty. Piece looks quite solemnly. There is a statement of action, which over a long time (if you look in the archive terms) may cause an exclusive enthusiasm after the change of current events. (This refers to the flag, a microphone and an interview with M. Klyashtornaya).
Dzyady sixteenth-2004 (2). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

Photo on the highest part of the Cross Torment set October 29, 1989. This is a snapshot-fixing.
Dzyady seventeenth-2004 (3). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

This image perfectly fits the definition of "documentary evidence essence of the phenomenon." Photographer recorded the moment of reading prayers for Belarus during the requiem at Kurapaty "Dzyady." Picture story lends itself to contemplation and reflection on action (candle, indoor expanded text of the prayer, etc.).
Eighteenth Dzyady 2007. Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

This image — a statement of the action. Plot, where a part of the Cross procession, with the motto "Young Front", has itself for itself apparent in composition and relatively obscure but fascinating for consideration as documentary evidence of a certain stratum of people, which can not be confused with the people of the 1980s, nor 1990s. First, that is on the mind — inadequacy. Then set the tone and memorial catastrophic dramatic action bolshennom motto dark characters: "1937 — 2007". Meanwhile, off the top of the slogans seen panorama of human persons, among whom noticed quite careless people who laugh. Slogans in front of the left end of shooting three persons rather untidy carry the cross. Two of these people hold hands in pockets, 3rd reverse breathing and something apparently goes with those who walks behind him. There is no one hundred percent spirit pietetu, stsishanastsi, feelings of loss of generations during the genocide and understand the greatness of "Santa", by the way, all that is reflected in the many photographs of the first series view (see the results of the first round). This is a case where even the most ordinary photos without claims and pans, can show more than a great article.
Nineteenth Kurapaty. Sovereign Jora. Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

This image type "memory." But he has information about the content of some work in Kurapaty that make Belarusians and sacrificial people, thanks to which there is stored and People’s memorial signs and memory attributes.
Twentieth Kurapaty. Maya Klyashtornaya. Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

This is the type of image "in memory", with no specific ideas. It is fascinating that in the photo popular personality — daughter shot in Kurapaty poet Todor Klyashtorny. Photographer badly looked for background. X on a distant plane "hit" on the temple and growing shoulder photographed faces. In addition the image of man is made in the disproportionate time. Photographer should bother about that kind of expression, who removes.
20 first Kurapaty 1989. Wikipedia

This is a picture that has already been posted earlier. I draw your attention, as the photo captures the spirit of the action. Evidently not the 1st person, but the shoulders and backs of the people they say about their own unity and stsishanasts shock. This mass of people and 1989. Let me remind you why they say that a good actor, turning away from the hall, can play its own internal state shoulders. The human condition is evident not only in the face, and all over the body, and photos (like the eyes) fixes it. If an actor (person) to be false, his body just changes false.
Better to give this photograph in black and white.
20 second Kurapaty 2001

By this point paved freeway through Kurapaty in 2001. Building it, knowing wanting top boss agreed whole legion officials. Picture fixed picture of barbarism and anti-national memorial losses.
20 3rd Dzyady-2000 (1). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

Photo corresponds accurate detection of action and documentary evidence essence of the phenomenon. Perfectly reflected the mood of the memorial march and spiritual unity of the people. Expressive face on the right, center, and in the depths of the frame. Picture composition and tonally assembled. It is true that he is in black and white politrila.
Fourth Dzyady 20-2000 (2). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

This image could be called "Sounds Requiem". Photography is perceived as a group portrait of the spiritual unity of the people. Picture deeply filled with unspoken meaning. As people are very expressive, focused on domestic experience. Persons head turns a very successful and diversely arranged. Photo magnetychna lures, it might be heard and restrained energy. Photos collected and tonally balanced composition. This is one of the best photos from this series Yu.Dyadinkina. But, unfortunately, there are offensive and trivial defect. Case photo should be cropped to nape band that hit the frame and take up much space, confiscates attention. Kadryrovka must be such as kadryrovka view from the left edge fotakartsiny.
20 5th Dzyady-2000 (3). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

Picture says a meeting-requiem organized the Conservative Christian Party — BPF Kurapaty. Photography reflects the central plot of the rally.
20 second Dzyady-2000 (4). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

This image from the same series of "Requiem" is notable in another mood. Main memory of him — the spirit of mourning. Again the same as spiritually filled and very precise. Kamertonam mourning mood and composition is the dominant face of the woman on the right in black scales and with a candle in hand, placed in the upper right focus sheet. The composition is based on the rate of persons who Tipo escape depth, stopping at several accents. Very expressive so much emphasis has an open face girls in the center of the photo with attractive eyes widely open eyes of children, more emphasis rises to the head of thoughtful men later slipped on a terrific image of girls with glasses and "Chapeau" and seeks further to the left edge fotakartsiny. Such "development" sensual clarity of this picture.
Feeling inspired by the compositional predominance of mourning ladies individual and again, especially "kamertonnaga" kind of thing.
Photo looks good on a technical level, and, apparently, made in the traditional black-and-white process.
Seventh Dzyady 20-2000 (5). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

There is a wonderful and rare photos thematically in Belarusian photography. Fotakartsine reflected on Belarusian ritual Grandfathers Kurapaty. Here we see zgarmanizavanasts tradition and modernity in the figures, clothes, interview all the participants of the ritual act. Individual participants of the total composition, spirit and mood is fotakartsiny forest. It is fabulous, mysterious, imbued with a sense of history and the Fatherland. He is inspired creature, as the kingdom of the forest, he, together with these people — one the essence of life and nature. And from all this shooting breathes geezers, old Lithuania.
Photo tonally well printed. Technical flaws photo is weak pradrukovka table with a towel and dish on the front plane. This place is just decaying, converted into a snow-white spot.
Eighth Dzyady 20-2000 (6). Created by Yuri Dedinkin.

The picture shows a piece of the procession on the Kurapaty. Photographer "grabbed" festive mood of the light with white flowers open and smiling face. Mental and visual center of the composition is Ms. Hope Demidovich hustse snow-white with white flowers and solemn symbolism, with purposeful expression. Emphasis on a stick, she Russian Gulag prisoner, firmly follow the path of 10 km. In this fotakartsine created portrayed one of the beautiful faces of Belarus. This nuance his perception survey will be more and more to increase with the distance of time.
20 Cross-ninth (1) Creator Valery Buffalo.

In the picture recorded blasphemy barbaric vandalism — cracking crosses were committed in the past year. If anyone asks what belarusafobny mode, you can show this photo.
Thirtieth Cross (2). Created by Valery Buffalo.

Photo — ustanlyavanne restored Cross Torment. Unfortunately, the shot composition and cluttered with technical shortcomings. But the creator shot as best I could, and there is a lock action.
30 1st Cross (3). Created by Valery Buffalo.

This second frame (still the best) of the same scene recovery Kurapaty Cross. We can see there is a mass scale and Cross, visible signs and place of restoration and consolidation. Here recorded action. Same again, and this picture with the technical shortcomings (zasvetka centered on reflex flash lamps, optics bad sign).
Avginya Mantsevich sent a series of shots of the People’s Memorial, recorded on the same day and at the same time (we call this series conditionally "Sad Kurapaty"). In this approach (in one day and at the same time) it is very hard to avoid adnastaynastsi feelings. Do not avoid it and Avginya, but in this case it turned out her creative plus. On the set of the series depicts one day cheeses winter when the snow melted, and in wet Kurapaty Forest — uncrowded and quiet. People seem to be alone with wet trees and mokrovatymi from nedavneshney fog and snow crosses. Creativity and zeal Avginya reflect this status clearly discernible. She tries to build an original frame with the introduction of a large frontal plan, not extending to the filters, nozzles, networks, etc. devices needed during such motion.
Best photos from this series have
32. Gates. Creator Avginya Montsevich. 

and33."The road through the cross". Creator Avginya Montsevich.

And at first, and in the 2nd picture and successful informal introduction frontal plan and prospects, making sense of depth frame and increases sad mood catastrophic space (photo "Road through the cross").
The same as the snapshot "Brahma", which has features of monumentality and can be seen as a symbolic picture of the People’s Memorial.
30 Fourth Kurapaty. Creator Avginya Montsevich.

This photo is situational in nature, it is a valuable documentary recognizable place at the Cross of Torment.
30 fifth memorial plaque. Creator Avginya Montsevich.

The same is true about the photo where shot (by the way, not ordinary) municipal protective symbol of the People’s Memorial Kurapaty. Such images are needed in order to have a comprehensive view of Kurapaty.
Photos can also exist in color and in black and white, but black and white version in this case is more desirable *.
Clarification Editor
* This kind of remarks I shall always write here, because at the moment, in fact, all the fans and journalists are removed on the basis of color, and does not care (mostly) not knowing what the color in the photo. Most of the color takes on a black-and-white approach and vision of the black-and-white photos (takes into account only the factor of light). Meanwhile, the aesthetic range of color photos is very narrow. This is a big problem today aesthetic picture, which, unfortunately, still not a lot of people think.
The best pictures
In this series, 1st Prize picture number 26 Yuri Dedinkina in the category "Not a bad documentary evidence essence of the phenomenon."

2nd Prize picture number 27 Yuri Dedinkina in the category "Svaisty eyes." For this picture gift — book Zeno "Lofty Principality."

Special attention — "For a creative approach," notes series photo Avginya Mantsevich "Sad Kurapaty" (shooting 32-35).Her gift — book Poznyak "New Age."

From May 3 to June 3 Zenon Pozniak comments and chooses a fascinating and conspicuous picture. Followers will receive prizes from Radio Liberty.

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