Zenon Pozniak: Time passes and photo aches

Sent to the "Freedom" snapshots comments public project editor, Zenon Pozniak Kurapaty opener.
4th round

Now we got a huge series of photos. Four photos sent Vladimir Juho, eighteen photo Ales Cheholsky and Vladimir Orlov. One Yury Belenky, Vladimir Terehin and Angelina Masyuta.
All images sent Vladimir Orlov made various eminent creators in our history has a day October 30, 1988 during the first public celebration of Santa in Minsk during a disgraceful and failed provocation against the Communist Party of the Byelorussian SSR and the Belarusian Popular Front Revival. As later became known (October 30 only guess) the Communists were going to "let go" huge blood (kill a few people), and later, on the model of the bloody events in Alma-Ata in 1986, to dump all the blame on "extremists" with BNF. The creator of this benighted plan was third secretary of the PBC on ideology Valery Pyachennikav (he ran the headquarters operation). Central Office (Efrem Sokolov and others) knew about the idea and up skryzhatali teeth with impatience. "Paw, run not get up" — "growl" 1st secretary of J. Sokolov.
All of these actions are already quite extensively described and most of the photo, sent Vladimir Orlov posted, but there are 5-6 photos that were not published. Of the 18 shots we elected the sixteenth
50 second 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

The well-known photo number 52 (for me, even a little comical) is seen as the highest ranks of the police chiefs bypasses collected unequal mass policemen. That is to say, before the bypass "battle", the adoption of readiness to do the order. It’s all in front of the Eastern Cemetery, where the main force pulled provocateurs and technology.
50 Third October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

Photo 53 — it is a statement of the situation: police shows "snatchers" and on machines with water cannons.
50 fourth 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

This picture seems to be not published. Meanwhile, it is fascinating to a formal investigation. Police cap that conceals the entrance to the Eastern Cemetery (was told "do not let go") Tipo Plesca of studs. There is more nonsense than zlavesnastsi.
50 fifth 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

Photos 55 is also quite rare. It formally excellent and lively cropped. The point in the center of the police move decisively dissecting mass "extremists." Meanwhile, the "extremists" with curiosity and surprise observed that the police are doing. Here reflected harakternasts special events. It is a drama of delirium. This again is a sense of comic situations.
50 second 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

Here a picture-statement. Snapped a water cannon (and there were half a dozen) against participants celebrating Fathers.
50 seventh 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

"Capturing Dzyady participants." Picture has often been printed. Quite typical for the time of those events.
50 eighth 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

"Capturing ladies participating Grandfathers." The picture is printed. It is very well felt nonsense happening.
50 Ninth October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

This is a very detailed picture that expresses the content validity. Gebovtsy grabbed artist Mikola Kupavy (pictured in glasses and hat) and pushed into a car. Unfortunately, a copy of which is sent by Vladimir Orlov, very cut at 2-sides. Case, for example, can not see the person who rushed to the hood of a police car, and other items … The picture is not published once in the full version.
60th October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

There is quite a rare image that lends itself to contemplation and study. Snapped column that separated from the noise on the East and goes to the cemetery on the road from Kurapaty Kolodishchi in Tsnu. Police buses operezhdayut column as far as police cars. (Prepare for the latest deployment.)
Sixty-first October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

This image (call it conditionally "Field of the Fatherland") almost the best of all sent the series. I do not remember where that he published. Picture may not be as impressive image clarity dramatic rally in the field, as a sense of readiness "for something" or "what for." Here padsvedamasts change. These people have got out of the impact of the communist regime. This almost even see — they are in the field on home soil under the autumn sky grayish, which is given a dramatic oblique wires, and seems to hear wind and melody wire. speaker distance can be seen, raised his hand and waving white paper. This unification. That day, almost all made in Belarus. Communists alienated the creative intelligentsia and the people — do not become afraid.
Sixty-second 30 October 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

This image (call it conditionally "environment") where a lot of typing. Here shows the moment the protesters surrounding police departments and internal troops. Pay attention to the future and at the dark figure soldier deep frame that climb the hill. They run "attack." Again, do you need all the drama of the situation and felt nonsense comic behavior last Bolsheviks.

Sixty-third October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

In this photo piece (not quite accurate) rally in the field on the way to Kurapaty. Photography seems to be not published.
Sixty-fourth October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

Piece rally. Photo-known and published. Fascinating individual recognition in the foreground.
A little detour into the past. In the Eastern cemetery unorganized mass of people (there were about 8-10 thousand people) thousand policemen squeezed from all sides. Constantly "dissected" noise and you caught or poisoned tear gas. It was felt that if there is not preparing a massacre, something very disgusting. Caught a lot of equipment and it closed off the back side of the road. People were like in the sack. I managed to find a small elevation and warn people (all lungs and larynx) that prepare provocation and the need to go from here to the non-dangerous place — go to Kurapaty. Noise divided. Most of Kurapaty went on, some remained in the
Eastern cemetery. This sowed panic in the ranks of the militia colonels and generals. Their capsized. Heard a cry for talkies. Gave conflicting commands (later we found out the reason that of their loss). I was in a dense ring of fans and completely unfamiliar to me. They took over the duties of physical protection. On the road ahead of us convoy of police buses. We learned that Kurapaty surrounded by police and internal troops, that there will not let anyone, but reinforcements drove out to us "meet". Go — means to participate in their delirium. On the road (if left police buses), I asked all the right turn in the field on the hillside near the forest. Fortunately next turned Vladimir Orlov and made it easier to hold a meeting. (All recognizable frontovtsev, activists and members of the Organizing Committee of the BPF pohvatali more about the Eastern cemetery, people are repulsed me from the hands of the police, but tried slezatsechnaga gas completely).
With Orlov we agreed that there, in the field, while the "cops" and opamyatuyutsya rasshalopayuts maneuver and we will hold a meeting, read the manifesto and raise the flag of Belarus
(Came to me a couple of men and pronounced that it will — sewed a day or for its own sake). Standing in weight, read all was unrealistic because it does not beheld and heard the speaker. Then people knelt on the frozen field and about magic, about 3 thousand people have heard of the vote. Unforgettable moments. States who wish. But briefly, succinctly and to the point in the full field silence under posvist wind from time to time with the snow.
If the police departments and internal troops returned and surrounded with 3 sides of our field meeting, we all uttered that as we rush to disperse, so everyone jumped on the pitch and clashed hands tightly to the basket. "Trash" will go on the road to the city. Task is not impossible that we dissected, dispersed and grabbed least one. This puzzle we have performed perfectly. The latter, of course, went to, but the whole "field people" we have maintained and "basket" out of the environment. With our mass attackers seem unable even to arrest anyone. Kiruemasts was exceptional.
In the pictures sent by V. Orlov, just reflected this field meeting. Meanwhile, the task of the Communists was blood from his nose, do not let us get together and do not give to hold a rally, not to read and listen.
Sixty-fifth October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

Piece "field meeting." We provide virtually all photos rally that sent Vladimir Orlov, although they are repeated. This is done to persons paznavalnastsi that photo. Here is our story. Some people in the images that are no longer live.

Sixty-second 30 October 1988. Photo by Vladimir Karmilkin (From the archives of Vladimir Orlov).

The same piece of the rally, only removed from the right side.

Sixty-seventh October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Orlov.

This is one of 2-historical photos (already placed), which reflects the first after the 1944 lifting of the Belarusian public White-red-white flag under Russian occupation. Most of the people that the picture (and perhaps all) of it never beheld (even in the figure). And he raised in the field on the way to Kurapaty over the heads of 3 thousand Belarusians. Advise increment picture and look into the face. This is a picture. This, of course, not the emergence of Christ to the people, something to think and create majestic painters, but this is the flag of Christ uznyatstse civilization that wants to revive and preserve forever.
Look at the face. Look at what is written on the faces of people. We do not know even the creator of this picture, which is a consequence of history will reveal more emotions and thoughts to every generation of Belarusians. Description of this picture wish to finish his poem of one line, which is therefore more difficult to write, and that I myself enjoy. "Time passes and photo aches."
General shortcoming of the collection of images sent by V. Orlov — it is their bad (sometimes very bad) quality techno. But the archive has an archive. The value of his remains and is measured not only technical condition.
A series of photos from the archives of Olesya Cheholsky Kurapaty (we selected 16 photos to 18) are divided into four themes. Let us call them "Freeway", "Village" Sunny. "" Cleanup "and" People’s Memorial. "
68-69. Kurapaty. October 2001-th. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

In pictures correctly indicated the gap 68-69 road through Kurapaty forest. On the road construction and a huge number of different crosses (among them even two Russian) as a reminder to builders and all the people that are on the road bones shot. Filming respectively reflect the situation. This is a nice testimony about the nature of the crime.
Seventieth Kurapaty. July 2003. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

In the photo № № 70-75 documentary filmed very vile, blasphemous and cynical phenomenon — the start of construction next to the so-called village Kurapaty "Sunny" — "city of human dreams", with comfortable houses, cottages, restaurants, swimming pool, casino, pubs, Sportsground , "entertainment centers."
70 first Kurapaty. July 2003. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

70 second Kurapaty. July 2003. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

70 third Kurapaty. July 2003. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

70 fourth Kurapaty. July 2003. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

70 5th Kurapaty. July 2003. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

Shooting at 71, 74 is clearly seen that the construction of "entertainment town dreams" began almost in a couple of meters from the Kurapaty forest. Myarzotnasts this zbochanay ideas, willingness, figuratively speaking, cancan dance on the graves of people shot no less impressive than the metropolitan genocide, which was covered with communism.
Belarusian Kurapaty defenders and himself personally Ales Cheholsky made many efforts to prevent sacrilege and planned degradation of the People’s memorial. And now the darkness was also rejected and defeated. File photo A.Chaholskaga documented evidence of what they did against the enemies of light and memory of the saint.
70 second Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

This photo has documentary value. Photographed by one of the letters on the Protection of Kurapaty, which were hung on the trees intercessors graves.
70 seventh Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

In the photo 77, 78 refl
ects the relevant pieces of the People’s Memorial. Pictures are great. Transferred mood summer days and softwood memorial silence that exists solely in Belarus. Nowhere in the world there is none. Living in the homeland, we do not notice what is not — we do not know about, and sometimes appreciate, thinking that in some places there is still better. But this is a misconception.
70 eighth Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

Photo № 78 shows the location where once there was a narrow forest road on which a ride in Hapuna for shooting people. On both sides tightly in a row were visible depressions shootings burial pits. Later, in the 80s, then made a clearing and paved the gas pipe (just down the road), removing the skull and bones in the compactor blade.
70 ninth Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

80th Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

Eighty-first Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

Eighty-second Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

79-83 recorded on the photo workflow assembly crosses during cleanup in Kurapaty. A successful shot and composition, and essentially identify work — photo number 81 (called "Installing the Cross"). Successful kadryrovka top and bottom depth and makes so called "presence effect", when people seem to go beyond the frame. If you do not cut a cross in the frame at the top and bottom legs of a man, — such effect disappears. Specialist knows it, and amateur photographers can shoot intuitively. But there is, in other words. Bottom line, respectively.
Eighty-third Kurapaty. Photo courtesy of Olesya Cheholsky.

Last picture of the theme "Cleanup" — № 83 — a snapshot "memory" — also has documentary value and semantic "beats" time. Unmarked talakovtsav group of CCP BPF. Last on the left (with a scythe) A.Chaholski — the main organizer of the work on the creation of the People’s Memorial Kurapaty, a person related to this case, as a personal vocation and mission. And there are many people in Belarus. This Vladimir Juho and My Klyashtornaya and Peter Shashkel and Valery Buffalo, and many others.
Eighty-Four November 9, 2002. Photo by Yury Belenky.

Picture Yuri Belenky (call it conditionally "Juho") is the most fascinating of all presented here a series of contemporary images. He documented by detailed-shaped reflection action and essence of the phenomenon very well arranged on the composition and on the full reportage, dynamic (captured moment). Photo imperfect
at the technical level. It was gloomy and overcast, had to shoot on a longish exposure and completely open aperture lens. In these criteria get at the technical level picture quality is practically impossible (do not pull any mixture or optics, and the flash is not always applicable).
Meanwhile, in this kind of reportage photography technical imperfections fade into the third plan. Here the main theme, the content validity and its exact verbal. The event was the fact that just in Kurapaty members of the CCP BPF that came with crosses across bulldozers attacked riot police. Could not wring Vladimir Juho and wrest it from the hands of the wood cross; crazy his arm torn ligament, was bleeding, but he did not let the cross, holding dead tenacious. And put him with a cross in the bus and taken to a tribunal. In the photo captured the moment when U.Yuho withdrew from the bus and lead to a tribunal. Picture shmatskazalny lends itself to detailed consideration (in other words, contains within itself the story). In the center of Vladimir Juho with a cross and a bloody sheet of snow-white paper (which he wiped the blood on his hand). His face resolute, kept adequately. Around six policemen. One coarse animal face, dragged his cigarette, he just came from a warm house to smoke and consider "scumbags." Next person in camouflage with a sad face sad ladies peering at Tipo that stands on the porch of the court. Of the "type" in the frame not only visible part of his left arm at the elbow and fingers of the right, but as a type palms. In past reviews I had read about body language. Pay attention as pursed his left hand in the "jaws" that invisible type and what fancies he points his right. This Manerko gestures and criminals. Even the voice and vocabulary can be represented this typchyka police. Generally about social meaning, the internal state of human culture and knows his whole appearance, all his body parts, their shape and plastic, plus all of his clothes, wearing her manner, appearance and even buttons. Many people can read this excellent body language and appearance, but only a painter can find it in a creative way.
Formal implementation plan makes frontal memory depth composition emphasizes the central linear perspective (lanes converge at the center, which focuses V. Juho figure with a cross). I can not describe this event, so once worked Yu.Belenky Prof. photos and knows how to make great pictures.
In all this reportage picture is elusive subtext of humor and comedy by nesuadnosnastsi figures and internal state U.Yuho and confused reactions policemen. And in the center (if skadravats Juho portrait piece with a cross) is a common element, precisely reception of so-called photographic humor. View policeman that from the rear, closed the upper part of the cross (the log instead of the face). In the photo such method is applied frequently. Inadequate thing next to the man in the photo ekstrapaliruetstsa its image (for example, if you remove the lady with randelkam on the head, etc. The same principle is constructed "stupid" ads). Pictured Yu.Belenkogo this item formed by accident, but it makes no difference — the humorous overtones absurd foolish act (when the person with the cross dragged to the tribunal) that is enhanced snapshot "breathes", lives accordingly mammoth exceptional action.
I will add that in spite of Vladimir Juho, I remember our Belarusian Vladimir Pleschenko hero. These are people who spontaneously use gandistskim method of struggle, and not just for show, and the nature of self-sacrifice for the sake of justice, and the idea of the Fatherland. They find themselves in the midst of personal power general public powerlessness.
Eighty-fifth Kurapaty. October 2001-th. Photo by Vladimir Juho.

Eighty-second Kurapaty. October 2001-th. Photo by Vladimir Juho.

Eighty-seventh Kurapaty. Photo by Vladimir Juho.

Eighty-eighth Kurapaty. Photo by Vladimir Juho.

Vladimir Juho also sent us a series of pictures of their own (№ № 85-88). All of these photos "situational" demonstrate the situation on the highway being built through Kurapaty motorway. All photos fotasvedchanni. Attention is drawn to the
picture, where un-human felled sasne (highest stump) taped a piece of paper with accurate as spell text: "Stop, atheists and vandals!"

Eighty-ninth Cleanup Kurapaty. Photos of Angelina Masyuty.

This image Angelina Masyuty relate to the theme "Cleanup in Kurapaty." Two guys restore defeated the Vandals cross. Picture fuzzy, but has the right to exist as documentary evidence. The painting itself leaves enlightened recollection — reflected a warm sunny day.
Ninetieth Kurapaty. Photo by Vladimir Terekhin.

Last image of the series of the show — photo Vladimir Terehin (call it "Dzyady Kurapaty"). This is a snapshot — one of many that are repeated. He does not carry within themselves the latest disk imaging relative to that already in such compositions was, but has the right to exist as a documentary evidence of the actions reflected repeatedly.

Best image viewing this series, the respective subject is copyrighted and perfectly expresses the event recognized photo number 84 Yuri Belenky (code name "Juho").

Another commendable series of archival photographs sent Vladimir Orlov. With all this to consider this unpublished photo of them in particular photo number 61, which is oriented to our attention. For a series of these pictures and photo number 61 ("Field of the Fatherland") Vladimir Orlov gift from me: Set the journal "Bulletin of Belarusian" № № 1-62 (1996-2008 years).

Special attention "For alternately fixing threads Kurapaty"There series file photo Olesya Cheholsky № № 68-83. For that he is preparing a gift — Second edition of Legends "Parsival" with the entry C. Pozniak.

Zenon Pozniak
We welcome your pictures Kurapaty
From May 3 to June 3 Zenon Pozniak comments sent pictures and chooses a fascinating and conspicuous picture.
Since June Kurapaty will summarize the competition and ganaravanne favorites. They get books Poznyak and prizes from Radio Liberty

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