Zhaleznichenka remains in the army and unsworn

Now serves as an ordinary Zhaleznichenka?
"I went to him. All are sitting, for example with parents quiet. And he ordered

He has absolutely no phone. He is prohibited.

celebrated every half hour. Frame for this time he can escape or commit something criminal. Assign it to the duty — scrape days. The problem came with the delivery of letters. At stamps indicated, for example, by 14, and delivered only 25th. "
With words Alla Zhaleznichenka, military unit commander Lt. Col. Zhlobin Voyshal ordered that Dmitry did not have a phone:
"At the moment he has absolutely no phone. He forbid it. Absolutely not."
More about the service Dmitry Zhaleznichenka talk with Colonel Vyacheslav Strap The Ministry of Defense. The officer says:

Serves in accordance with the law

"It is in accordance with the Law on Military Duty and Military Service."
The question: "How long will remain Dmitry army when he forcefully and convincingly refuses to take the oath?" — Colonel Strap explains the subsequent:
"It puts some limitations in the performance of his official obligations.’s All. Something now regulated by the law on military service."
According to the views of Colonel Romenchika Dmitry Zhaleznichenka remains in the army for the whole period, even if and will not accept the oath.
The situation says Colonel supplies, politician Nikolai Statkevich:
"Belarusian army is not the first time used to prevent democratic activists engaged in public activities. I can give an example of how Ivan Solonovich our Mogilev employee, at the request of the KGB (this information was) served 18 months in Grodno. And this time he was expelled for one hundred percent of public life. "
April 10 Gomel Regional Tribunal make out the appeal Dmitry Zhaleznichenka to its exclusion from the Gomel Medical Institute. Earlier, the Central district of Homel Tribunal dismissed a complaint, explaining his decision that the administration of the institute acted in accordance with the internal rules.
Dmitry Zhaleznichenka — BPF members. Until December last year he studied at the Faculty of Mathematics. January 25 youth urgently drafted. In protest, he refused to take the oath.

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