Zhodishki: There should be a war. Such a world must not

Zhodishki — the perfect place. Perfect for its scenery. It lies on the shore of the highest Vyal where disclosed colorful view of the wooded reverse saves. Perfect for its monuments of architecture. Jesuit monastery mill, a church, a brewery. Nowhere is there a trace at least some zanyadbanastsi. Among the indigenous inhabitant Zhodishak, historians and local historians, Oleg Missoula

"Zhodishki not make memories murdered village. Houses are not poor. Richly machines."Oleg
"In Zhodishki appropriate people live. Here live all hosts. And to say that live here killed Zatsyukany do not understand anything, no wonder I would not say. Here all interested. When people are interested in everything, then get proper knowledge. And you have knowledge, and you will have the means. Look, Zhodiski farm. This is the best farm in the area. yield this year was more than 50 quintals per hectare. "Correspondent
"What young people are not running away to the towns?"Oleg
"Who is running, who is not running. Our women ran a lot in Minsk. So what? Sit on the floor, the apartment hiding. So married and not going out. They wondered what was in Minsk is not clear what the men. Turned out that our boys richer. We agree among themselves. All we want, if your neighbor is secured, then you will be rich. And when all around you are poor, then you will be poorer. " Eternally beautiful picture — Belorussian peasant treats his field. In Zhodishki I saw her again. Strong retired uskopvav their cords using eternal stallion. Bronislaw

"Since childhood, a stallion and a stallion. A study nowhere allowed. Since his father was a believer and was behind the church. Member after the war closed Zhodiski church. Even fucking school mechanization did not give help."Correspondent
"Really? Because my father …"Bronislaw
"Because my father was with God … We went to the front and back — says, because they believed in God."Correspondent
"You sulked at his father?"Bronislaw
"Well, what can you do? Sulked, not sulked.’s Father in the home owner."Bronislaw
"Then my grandfathers were born, my grandparents. Ladies Only just changed. Vilia We is not bad, we club in place, we have a hospital-psyhbalnitsa … Well, no matter how states and the old church."

As for medicine, the Zhodishki I met an extraordinary physician. Native Dyatlovschiny Sergei Voropai

"Sergey, and with the introduction of the Belarusian language in proceedings does not appear problems?"Sergey

"Talk to you, want to get sick with something, that heal." Church of the Holy Trinity was built first 17th-century tycoons intestine as Calvinist collection. More dramatic action unfolded here in the late 20’s, when there served one of the favorites of the Belarusian Christian Democrats priest Vincent Godlewski. Due to its activity many young people responded Belarusians. And the desire to pray in their native language was necessary to literally win. 85-year-old Polish woman, Mrs, Aldona

"A great Godlewski you remember?"Aldona
"I remember. Wished Belarusian language. And we do not want, we reviled him. How to read a sermon, sing a song to him. We investigated. And given — three, four. Nobody sang. Not adored."Correspondent
"How many people in Zhodishki such as you, in Zvenzku polyakuv?"Aldona
"There were many, are all gone. All people are gone. Nobody. Plenty of people were respected. Whom taken, who …"Correspondent
"Did you know about this conflict by Angelika Borys?"Aldona
"How, what Lukashenka does, I do not listen. He is a deceiver. Language only very able."Correspondent
"Pani Aldona, what do you think about Belarus? She will once normal state? Rich, democratic?"Aldona
"Who knows. If there is war, then it may be. Would not it be war, and will tavptsisya. Or will the end of the world."Correspondent
"And why we need a war?"Aldona
"There must be war. Such peace should not be. Is the world? What is peace! There will be war, remain very best people. Remain worthy people. And the world that would not be such, what we have."
What a sweet old lady. Certainly, from 1944, as the Soviet army came here, and she expects the war. War, which, according to its views, clean neighborhood of people are worthless. On the nationality of people are worthless, I did not ask. But the activity Godlewski not passed in vain. That neighbor Mrs. Aldona, ancient, Stephanie

"There were two priests and Dronich Godlewski. And there were skirmishes. Belarusian community was under control and was Dronicha" mlodezhy Cola. "They raised scandals, which the fur fly. Converged on the porch of the two poles. Belarusian and Polish. Almost there guns came up. Such were the conflicts. "Correspondent
"And that, ultimately, who defeated? Historical perspective?"Stephanie
"Of course, defeated the Poles."Correspondent
"I can not hear Tsos enzyku Polish Pour Zhodishek … Where victory?"Stephanie
"You see how we came out? If you’re Catholic, means you Pole. If orthodox means freaks. And now a couple of people here Poles. Renya, Aldona."Correspondent
"That’s all? This whole victory?"Stephanie
"Of course, everything." Real emblem of Belarus in the future can be called Zhodishki watermill. Jesuits who built yet. For advice, he was crumbling. During the years of independence it was bought from a collective farm Minsk businessman, born Zhodishak —. Franz Zhilko And mill revived. Voice.

"Here under the road channel hear water noise? There spinning wheel …"Correspondent
"This is not a showpiece? This is a real …"Oleg
"The current mill. People work. Arrive. Melem here. Man wanted to build another flour mill. But the authorities have decided that this will be konkurentnst Leeds plant. Rebuked."Correspondent
"And who would grind? Seems all bread available in stores."Oleg
"Acquire, but we have people sow their grain. Harvester al
ways comes, people collect this grain. Well where else to go grind? On the spot. Attracted a wheelbarrow, two or three bags of milled and all."

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