Zhytkavichy: Youth activist was sentenced to three days

Alexander Milinkevich which is currently is Zhytkavichy unsuccessfully tried to meet with Alexander Bandits:
"This young man helped me to arrange a meeting with residents Zhitkovichi. I went to the police to find out what he is arrested and convicted, but I refused to provide information. Militiamen referred to the fact that I am not a native guy. "
Alexander Bandyuk now detained in the morning Zhytkavichy local police.
February 20 he received a call from the military enlistment office and invited to a meeting. The military said that they should clarify information about the young person about the draft. But after Alexander Bandyuk told reporters that his enlistment was expecting unknown, which said that he is KGB. Unknown said that Zhytkavichy organization "Civilian Forum" virtually undeveloped, it needs support, particularly legal and can assist the KGB — and computer facilities. Alexander personally ethe man proposed restoration of the Gomel Medical Institute, from which he was expelled in 2006.
Alexander Bandyuk categorically renounces any cooperation with the KGB.

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