14 convicted in the case threatens the bullpen

If the tribunal recognizes him guilty of disorderly conduct, he can get into jail.
As said "Freedom," a favorite of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko, now the evening was detained political prisoner Mikhail Pashkevich, who was executed in the spring of the "Case 14".
Lebedko said now held political council, whose member Pashkevich, and he has been delegated to the Central observer Election Commission. After meeting Misha Pashkevich went to the railway station, where he had an appointment, and there was arrested.
"He just had to call, that he was arrested and it is unclear what he was being taken to the police station October. I phoned the police department, and they told me that Paszkiewicz did hooliganism. Currently Misha held in jail on Akrestsin Tribunal held in Mon" — Lyabedzka said. He added that since Mike was previously sentenced to so called "Household chemicals" that if the Tribunal acknowledges his guilt in a small hooliganism Misha facing a real conclusion. Tags: Paszkiewicz, a process of 14

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