84th anniversary of Vasil Bykov noted in his homeland

Policemen greeted guests at the gate
But this year, the first guests Bykovskaya manor met with police and Ushachi Vitebsk — chylavek several uniformed and civilian, headed by Chief Usha police department. Police shot videaaperatar all present, tracking every movement in the yard. Came and district authorities — Managing ideological department Usha executive committee.
Olga Krachevsky Among those who came to the Bulls not on official duty, and on their own to visit Bykovskaya places were, Ales Marachkin other painters, writers also from Minsk. Public activists came from Vitebsk, Orsha, Beshenkovichi, City, Sharkovshchina, Shumilino. But the most honorable guest was the sister of the writer,, Valentina Bykov

Valentine Bykov, the writer’s sister (right) and Antonina Bykov, caretaker of the memorial museum
Specifically, four Valentine year reversed, when the memorial museum in steers just created, recommended, as all do so that it was during the life of his older brother. Currently there can see and personal belongings of the writer, and a towel, woven of his mother, and other artifacts — furniture, crockery and so on — collected throughout the country. Museum educator working local resident, widow of his younger brother Vasily Bykov, Mrs. Antonina. For all comers Antonina Bykov
now held held a sightseeing trip.
Here, near the museum held an impromptu party, which could make everyone who wanted to say a few words about Vasil Bykov, who called conscience Belarusian civilization and whose works are truth prototype in the world literature.

Visitors to the museum about the portrait of Vasil Bykov
This year for the first time observed the anniversary of Vasil Bykov festive celebration in Vitebsk. On the small stage of the State Academic Drama Theatre J.Kolasa were presented pieces of performances from his works, heard reports on the life and work of the writer.
In general, the triumph in day of birth famous writer and countryman thought more ambitious: was supposed to lead the first scientific Bykovskaya reading in the regional library. But this idea is not endorsed Vitebsk bureaucrats, and had to turn away from it. Chairman of the regional organization TBM Joseph Navumchyk
remembered that in 2004, the year Vitebsk Vitebsk Parliament members appealed to the regional authorities and the town with a number of proposals for the celebration of the memory of Vasil Bykov. Including a proposal to conduct a yearly scientific conferences and install a plaque on the building art school in Vitebsk, where in 1939-1940 he studied writer.

In This year layout of the memorial plaque already done Vitebsk architects and Valery Mighty Alyasandar Gvozdikav. But they said they appreciate its artistic pluses Vitebsk city executive committee chairman must Losich Paul and managing culture department executive committee Viktor Kibis. If officials approve their work, then perhaps a plaque in honor of Vasil Bykov will appear somewhere in the middle of September Vitebsk — marking the day of the town. Tags: Bykov

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