A. Astapovich: loss of authenticity monuments — a trend throughout Belarus

Yuri Bushlyakov: "Last week, the company" Minsk Spadchyna "sealed metropolitan office of the Belarusian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture at number 5 on the street Storozhevskaya. According to the" Minsk inheritance "apyachatannya reason — is the lack of space rental contract between enterprise" Minsk legacy "and Conservation Society monuments. From managing society require sign tenancy, pay the rent and then cabinet will be available again. So reports BelaPAN. But those criteria that provides for you "Minsk legacy" you refuse to sign a contract, why? "

We are at the moment, as they say on the street, despite the fact that the building is 60 percent built by the Society for Protection of Monuments in the Russian still time

Anton Astapovich: "In 1-x," Minsk legacy "we do not prapanovavvae extend the contract of lease. This company terminated the lease and everything. We at the moment, as they say on the street, despite the fact that the building is 60 percent built by the Society for the Protection Russian monuments still in time. In 2004 he transferred to the balance of the executive committee and the executive committee structure, respectively, "Minsk inheritance." And society has become tenants. Former management, unfortunately, did not go into this issue fundamentally through. As they say, capitulated, and Currently we have to deal with all of this, and we are already preparing all the documents for the Economic Court. essence of the claim — that society compensate for its financial and equity role in the construction of this building, which is foreseen by the Belarusian legislation. "
Bushlyakov: "This means that for 3 or 4 years the company has paid the rent for Palto room in the house number 5 on the street Storozhevskaya? .."
Astapovich: "Yes, for that room, which was gutted by 60 percent of the means of society. Committee 40 percent of the world invested in this building, in which reality and the Committee, and the Fund for Peace on the rights of a tenant who has to pay."
Bushlyakov: "At the present day society does not want to pay the money and wants to reclaim their rights as equity investor?"
Astapovich: "Yes, because we have both a legal and moral right. But we will solve this problem only through the Tribunal, as on another level, this issue is not solved."
Bushlyakov: "Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture for more than 40 years since 1966. Prior nedavneshnego time society did not act openly against the municipal authorities, the position of which depends on the preservation of historical and cultural monuments. What has changed? Position control has changed, because the company’s management came new people? "
Astapovich: "So it happened. Already almost a year in the leadership of society new people. Actually quite recovered and the Republican Council, and the presidium, and other governing bodies. Just I wish to say that the difficult situation in our country in the field of protection of historical and cultural heritage. In and this society’s fault, so how exactly your own, rather sluggish in terms of public scrutiny … At the moment we are trying to do and monitoring. We strive to provide the latest information as our society about the violations of law that occur in the field of historical and cultural heritage. And it gives at least some fruit. already significantly expanded the range of those who are concerned about the state of our national heritage. This is already a very big mess. "

Bushlyakov: "Over the last 25 years exclusively in Minsk from 220 construction sites, which were the base of the construction of the inheritance, more or less intact, there were only four of 10 matches. Yet in the past year, the Belarusian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture referred to the Minsk City Executive Committee other project regeneration of the historic center of Minsk. Sovereign Anton anticipates that this project and what is its fate? "

Normal when not only the historic center, but in general the central part of town attracts discover additional traffic that at the moment we have done in the capital

Astapovich: "In 1-x, small pryambula. Losses authentic monuments — this is a trend throughout Belarus. First for the reason that even the position of our municipalities — is a constant reduction of the list of protected historical and cultural heritage. And that relates to a project that said a lot about him in the air and Radio Liberty. Designed Vladimir belt and he anticipates the regeneration of the historic center specifically to minimize disturbance of protective legislation and very delicious proposals for the conclusion of transport flows beyond the boundaries of the historic center, but it is fundamentally not only for the historic center, and for the whole town.
Normal when not only the historic center, but in general the central part of town attracts discover additional traffic that is currently being done in our capital. And it is an abnormal situation and urban planning abnormal situation protection of the historical center. And opens up additional vkladyvatelnye area — not those shkadobnyya thousand square meters, which is at the moment, and hundreds of thousands of square meters of space for investment perimeter of the historic center. And most importantly — the historic center agrees with this project will be linked into one. It will not be butchered into 4 parts, but, unfortunately, the city council reacted to this proposal is very cold. There were 2 meetings of the committee planning and architecture, the story was finished. Until now we can not take the usual expert advice on the project. They have nothing to say. And those letters from the committee of architecture, from the Institute "Minskgrado", specifically for the project came to us, are not expert opinions. And there are certain no comments. They do not even have occasion to criticize the project, they just ignore it. Since they play in the historical center of your game and sober idea unwilling to listen. "
Bushlyakov: "The Emperor Anton in February as chairman of the board you Belarusian Society for Historic Preservation and Cultural applied to the Ministry of Culture of Belarus with the proposal to give the white-red-white flag status intangible historical and cultural value. Into account when you accessed this proposal was taken and the fact that the coat of arms "race" from 1995 is included in the list of municipal historical and cultural values specifically as intangible historical and cultural heritage. Did you get a reply from the Ministry of Culture? "
Astapovich"Yes, I got. Here again begins ordinary game. I, in principle, the proposal filed with no hope that it will be realized. Basically, I predicted a certain bad option, as I read, it was such a trial balloon test — react as our Ministry of Culture, scientific advisory board specifically for our national symbols. A culture ministry said followed me this: has vague justification, and because they handed materials for an upcoming study in the Institute of History and Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore.

if and deprive us of registration, the case of public monitoring, responding publicly zaglohne because, if we do not create, nobody will do

By the way, I sent letters to the two agencies with the proposal to connect to this study-independent professionals from the community. From the Institute of History when 2-weeks I got back the official response signed by the Director of the Institute s
overeign Kovalenya. Says that the question asks more research than the institute of history will do. Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore, I received no response. By the way, have already passed the timeframe established by law to receive a response. Certainly going to write a letter to Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Presidium of the Belarusian State Academy of that sovereign Lokotko Alexander as director of the aforementioned institution violates the law of Belarus in official correspondence. True, until hands are not reached. So how much time it takes a lot of this is leased question. But will his spare time, certainly will study this question, as I wish to dot all the i ».
Bushlyakov: "The Emperor Anton denkov society said it will continue its work even in case of withdrawal of its registration. You do not exclude such a dark developments?"
Astapovich: "I’m an optimist, but just these acts with the lease I regard as simply an attempt to eliminate the company, and because I predict, and the worst case scenario, though I hope and best. And if they deprive us of registration, the case of public monitoring, responding publicly zaglohne, because, if we do not create this asset, which is currently running, nobody will do. although we documented at the moment we fix all the violations that occur. Though we draw up a chronology of events. While we do not do anything, but it’s also very principled and very helpful. And most importantly — we inform society. Previously, information was only thanks to the journalists, now for it in the end and took our public association ".

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