A.Boyka: These questions are at the stage of verifying

Regarding layoffs teachers in the village and firing everybody headmaster Saligorsk Olga Senkova Chairman of the Belarusian Trade Union of Education and Science Alexander Boyko said:
"We look for these things. And look whether there is consent of the primary trade union organization. We had a conversation with a lawyer for this issue . "
Sovereign Boyko said that before the end does not know reason expulsion Ivan Shyla.
He recalled that there were such precedents in the industry and in Klecka Tribunal returned to work a person because the primary organization did not consent.

Director of the school — it’s a complicated man. She expresses not only their worldview

"Because at the moment these issues under verification. I have yet to clarify information on the students. But if it was not the primary agreement, the court will restore. As for baby, it is a precedent in the industry. If there is a teacher stood up impartially, and if there criminal case or murder … Here you need to look. That the charter of the school says — it’s a gymnasium or school. There are features of this statute or not. "
Sovereign Boyko said that would instruct and examine the situation in Klecka.

"We need an impartial attitude towards the situation. Headmaster — a complex man. She expresses not only his world, and public opinion. If she personally said and what is not right either, this one. And if this situation is appropriate for the region, she’s right. But it must look at all aspects, I do not have a full disk imaging. "
As for the teachers, who participated in the meeting, they "can express their opinion and the press, and go to the mandatory structure, but here it is completely forbidden. But I do not know how they expressed their position, which was a form of submission. I do not know this situation to the end. "

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