A. Fyaduta: Mackay — it talks with the West

Fyaduta: "Now it is quite natural that group was able to enjoy the explosion on July 4. Before I This time Practicing the idea that power was not interested in, that the bomb exploded. But if it exploded, then someone has to use it. And dida group, the person that is Viktor Lukashenko, and the brain and the political center — Vladimir Mackay, who is now appointed manager Presidential Administration. This means, that power try to conduct certain negotiations with the West. The new head of the Administration — the more capable of this figure. I also hope that the government will enter into a period of liberalization and vesternizatsyi. "
Tsigankov: "Following the resignation Shejman many feared to make any conclusions and says that he can still come back. But now the three top positions are occupied by other people. Does it certainly Sheiman not return to power?"
Fyaduta: "It means nothing. Indeed the impact of such personalities as Shejman not connected by what position he occupies. Impacts due to the fact he continues to use the trust president or not. Here we do not know, do not know how to add up now relationship between Alexander Lukashenko and Viktor Sheiman. Such people — as pistols. Nobody ever throw a gun if you can repair it and keep up the best times. Sheiman — Lukashenka is such a gun. At what point will he again pulled out of his pocket — wait and see. "

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