A. Lukashenko wants to dismiss V. Sheiman for the explosion on July 4

Compared with the statements that sounded July 6, tonality expressions A. Lukashenko about Minsk explosion changed dramatically. When on July 6 "Strip Stalin", he stated that the situation remains under control, and praised the police and doctors for a successful job, now out of his mouth sounded harsh criticism.
Number one object of this criticism became his neighbor colleague Secretary of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman which, according to Lukashenko should not remain in office:
"I do not think Viktor Vladimirovich, you have to stay in this post whereupon incident. You are guilty first. You on behalf of the president more than one year and 10 years of organizing such events. And did nothing! You and the head of the administration — and he is responsible for the political side, and for the safety of you — you’re a damn, excuse me, not previously made. You say the reports about there Timeout. I know more than you do, there came, and the municipal secretary is not present on the event and the field of view is not visible. "
If the situation persists Vitebsk explosions, and guilty of the explosion also went out and brought "on your posts will work other, "- said Alexander Lukashenko, referring to other leaders of law enforcement agencies.
In addition, he gave the order to provide real support to all victims as particularly appropriate services were not able to ensure their safety, although it can be was done trivial.
According to Alexander Lukashenko, the event occurred in a place where, as he reported, the Security Service, the police, the KGB, crawling on their bellies, which were taken under extraordinary security. "How did it happen? As you crawl like guarded? "- Asked Lukashenko siloviki.
Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies also said that during the incident on July 4 and the law enforcement agencies and emergency services worked neaperatyvna.
"I am often asked why I reached there? I would not do it if I did not see that you have gathered there, with Gennady Kosinets, 10s ambulances, and they stood still with flashing lights, while I did not come back. What you are going there these flashers and made additional disco? Do not you realize that it is people’s attention and lured there or there could throw people? And for you total panic. "
Alexander Lukashenko expressed bewilderment why was not created special brigade, which would help people on the spot.

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