A month later, the first Russian flexible reader goes on sale

Mysterious Wexler.Flex One threatens to take away from the tablet of Plastic Logic rank first in Russia tablet with a flexible screen

The Russian manufacturer of computer hardware company Wexler promises that sales of its "unique" flexible electronic reader Wexler.book Flex One will begin in May 2012

The Russian company Wexler has officially announced when it will begin selling a new electronic reader with a flexible plastic screen Wexler.book Flex One.

Recall that Wexler first presented "unique" e-book Wexler.book Flex One in a flexible 6 "E-ink screen in September last year at the International Consumer Electronics Show IFA 2011. Then, the company stated that the supply of Wexler.book Flex One will begin at the end of October 2011

The device is equipped with a built-in memory of 8 GB, supports the popular e-book formats (TXT, PDF, DOC, CHM, HTM, HTML, EPUB, FB2), image (JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG) and audio (MP3). According to the manufacturers, Wexler.book Flex One has a very low power consumption and intensive reading full battery lasts for 2 weeks. The device is equipped with an interface microUSB.

According to the Wexler, reader will be in retail stores in May 2012 Already on the site www.wexler.ru you can place a pre-order for a new reader. Its retail price is 8990 rubles.
The creators of the device claim that Wexler.book Flex One will be the lightest and thinnest e-book in the world due to the new technology of screens, as well as the use of new materials on the body and the internal layout of the elements. Another important piece of novelty is the fact that it has a shock-resistant properties, while the other currently existing e-books are sensitive to shocks and falls.

 "The main difference from the standard flexible display screen on the basis of electronic ink that during its manufacture the glass substrate instead of the polymer used. At the size of six inches (the most popular E-ink readers) — the thickness of the screen, set in Wexler.book Flex One, is only 0.7 mm. The weight of the display is only 14 grams and provides a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

The use of such a display, coupled with a flexible body allowed to solve the biggest problem faced by users of e-books today — the fragility of E-ink display e-book readers ", — the report says Wexler.

It should also be noted that a similar device with a flexible display developed by Plastic Logic plans to deliver to schools for use as a school of the electronic textbook. It is built around an ARM-processor Marvell 800 MHz on-board solid-state drive has a capacity of 4 GB. Reader is equipped with a monochrome screen with a diagonal of 10.7 inches with a capacitive sensor. Screen type designated as Plastic Paper, that is, on the screen of "electronic ink", made with the use of technology "plastic electronics."  

The price of "plastic" Plastic Logic tablet was previously designated as 13.5 thousand rubles., But sales to date, he did not appear.


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