A.Sannikav: Olga Senkova Act gives us all hope

Andrew Sannikov act as Director commented Soligorsk school number 4 Olga Senkova:
"It is very courageous step, it is welcome. He gives us all hope. Hope that in the country there are conscientious people who are ready to defend not only their dignity. In this case, and the dignity of his own students. Such people may must be Example. Unfortunately, in soon we seldom hear of such actions. We know that many people are dissatisfied with the existing order, but they choose conformist, timeserving way. I think that this one way or another in their impact, since it is impossible to believe in the other and immediately serve this mode, you can not live a double life for a long time. This is psychologically difficult or even in a physical layer. "

In the near future we seldom hear of such actions

Andrei Sannikov recalled his experiences during his retirement in protest symbol. By him, psychologically make it was very hard. After all, had immediately "break many communication", "abandon ordinary life." "But once I felt proud, as do the right thing, and ease since got rid of the need to prevaricate."
"From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example, sought to stand on the side of the illegitimate actions of the authorities and explain to their partners and friends, with the result of this referendum will improve the situation in Belarus. Do it it was unreal. "Tags: awl, Soligorsk Sannikov

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