A.Sergienka: vyshybli door, handcuffed

"They make such half-measures: a one side starting to include some members of the opposition in election commissions. With On the other hand begin to interfere with conduct preliminary work. "
A.Sergienka told about some details of his own arrest KGB July 10.
He said that, along with his brother was at home. KGB vyshybli door and ran into the apartment.
"Brother laid face down on the bed and me on the floor. This so busted face that before This time bruising around the eyes, we were handcuffed. Security officers did not identify themselves. They created peratrus.Zabrali some old bottles of household chemicals, which stood on the balcony. They also took some party documents. Took me to the "American" and after questioning the camera planted in one place. Nowhere conclusion — and it was the hardest, because they do not have anyone to even talk. "
A.Sergienku released on bail. He returned a computer system. He believes that he failed to substantiate his alibi.

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