Abandoned cemetery reduced South American students

More a year earlier former Jewish town received the status Rubiaževičy agrotown. Local village council has reported the presence of the school, club and 2-shops. Same old cemetery of the former founders of settlements were destroyed. Currently their reduced South American students. Chairman of the village Alla Strelkovsky welcomes the work of guests from overseas:
"They are — very great. Yesterday went and beheld that these students put the latest fence and lift stones. Bushes and cut down all endure. In short, doing all the dirty work. "
South American students live in homes of the villagers. In the local housewives Nina Sobolevskaya I ask, not before another shameful for the children-forgotten memory of their own villagers:
"I think it’s better late than never. Excellent, that though at the moment it’s all reduced."

This eighth cemetery in Belarus. Previously worked in Grodno. There are many heavily restored churchyard. This custom built Monetary Fund. Kids themselves paid for the road

Next interlocutor explained that the city’s history Rubiaževičy has 5 centuries. At 1550 m there was a residence Radziwill. For princes built a church, a synagogue and a church. Rubiaževičy also known fact that all the patriarchs Kupala maternal strip buried in the local cemetery. Nina Sobolevskaya states that notable facts and actions will be reflected in the exposition of the museum village in an ancient building:
"Such a home is only one left. And it is currently preparing for the museum. This is the caseare specifically Americans. "
According to the internal rules of the student group of American volunteers, they do not come off on their time on the debate. So explains Inna translator. She knows that the Americans come to work in the eighth year in a row of Belarus:
"This is the eighth cemetery in Belarus. Previously worked in Grodno. There very many remanufactured Churchyard. This custom built Monetary Fund. Kids themselves paid for the road. They work here with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Cemetery on the best sight. "
Labor camp in Rubezhevichi Yankees last another week.
By encyclopedic information Rubiaževičy in XVIII-XIX centuries were the usual trade and craft town. Here lived and worked blacksmiths, weavers, tanners, carpenters and others. The population was up to 2-thousand people. Most of them — the Jews. But in 1939, because of the arrival of the Red Army, many of the Jews went to the West. Remaining, shot in 1942 by the Germans.
Now Rubezhevichi only 350 inhabitants.

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