Across the river Mzymta elevated pedestrian suspension bridge for bungee jumping

The works on assembling the support of a pedestrian bridge over the river. Mzymta. It is a multipurpose sports and recreation center, which is being built in the Adler district as part of the Olympic program. The total weight of the support structure will be 700 tons. Next, builders will start to pulling metal ropes. Its length is 440 m and a minimum height of 218 meters above the abyss
Great attention is paid to the on-site security. "The ropes that will connect the bridge, had a pre-stretch. It was carried on a special plant in Germany — said the head of the project "Olympstroy" Boris Krasnopyorov. — Ropes covered golframom — a mixture of zinc and aluminum, the new anti-corrosive alloy designed specifically for use in the most extreme conditions of the Far North and coastal areas with harsh climatic fluctuations of air temperature and humidity. "

The leisure complex, in addition to the pedestrian bridge will be a rope and wood climbing wall height of 18 meters, which can not only exercise, but also hold competitions up to the international level. For lovers of extreme sports will be presented several forms of entertainment. Flying Fox — a flight through the gorge on a wire in a special saddle — for those who want to get from one side of a cliff on the other not on the bridge. Rope jumping fans will be able to take advantage of attraction Swing. It will be the greatest in the world of swing radius of 160 meters. For the convenience of tourists provides car parking for 300 cars and 10 buses. The total capacity of the park will be up to 3,000 people a day.

Fully complex will open its doors at the end of this year.

+News of AJ Hackett Sochi over the combined expensive "Adler — Alpica-service"

This time our guide was very Agee Hackett, founder and owner of the company, a quarter of a century, pleasing fans of bungee jumping and similar methods to test his courage
Agee came from New Zealand, along with his team. One of the tasks that had to be solved during the trip — the selection of personnel. He personally interviewed all applicants for a job jump-masters on this complex and in general was very pleased with the level of training of Sochi residents — each second passed the interview. Only on the complex will employ about 40 instructors, and the first few years will lead them foreign specialists. In addition, the complex will have many more vacancies are not directly connected with jumps (receptionists, cashiers, etc.).
As we talked on the finished frame of the bridge, the wind blew pretty strong. It turned out that this will not be an obstacle for jumping — in Sochi, location of the complex is unique in that area for bungee jumping, trolls, and the pendulum are strongly separated from each other in space, and are at a distance from other objects, so even if the wind of the then it will not create any problems. "Here in China — says Agee — we bungee platform is on the television tower in Macao, and there has to take into account weather conditions, and when the wind cancel jumping."
I asked how the company chooses partners for the construction of another complex, why Sochi so lucky, I do not because of the Olympics right? Agee said that wanting is actually very much, he gets every month dozens of proposals to open similar facilities around the world, but when people find out about all of the requirements for the design and construction that makes AJ Hackett, then realize that they can not pull a similar the project. And the demands are very high, as is in the foreground of all the security extreme attractions. And they really are very pleased to have been able to find such partners in Sochi.
Launch complex is planned for December 2013, the question of who will be the first test pilot rides, who should provide the right to make the first jump, Agee said that is all he will feel himself personally — it has all the facilities before, so will be the Sochi. Only then can it jump the rest.

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