ACS latest modification «MSTA-S» was first tested in exercises with live firing

ACS latest modification
In the Krasnodar region on the range during Molkino scale tactical exercises gunners Southern Military Area (JUVO) for the first time used the upgraded 152-mm self-propelled howitzers «MSTA-S», entered service troops neighborhood in May 2013 It is reported by the press Southern Military Service Area on the website
For the purposes of applying a massive fire destruction of the enemy forces conditional involved more than 35 modernized self-propelled howitzers.
Upgraded artillery system «MSTA-S» has significant structural differences from the previous version. It is equipped with brand new automatic fire control system, increased sighting rate, also has the possibility of introducing digital electrical card, which speeds up orienteering in complex physiographic criteria and allows you to more quickly and more effectively to make fire puzzles.
The exercise of artillery units of the 49th Field Army JUVO also involve new multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) «Tornado-G» that combat effectiveness is 2.5-3 times higher than its predecessor — the system BM-21 «Grad» . 1.5 times less than the time required to bring the system on alert and cause fire damage, and the area affected one machine «Tornado-G» is about 1 hectare.
In addition, a training battle gunners JUVO use 152-mm self-propelled howitzers «Acacia» 122mm «Carnation» and 82-mm mortars.

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