After 4 years, there will be Innograd


Innovation City, which should be the center of the Russian scientific and technological modernization, will be developed by building templates offered by the French company AREP.
The winner of the architectural design innovation city in Skolkovo Foundation Council has identified the development of the center of the development and commercialization of new technologies.

In the final involved two foreign companies — AREP of France and the Dutch OMA. They both have experience in Russia and, according to its own promises will attract Russian subcontractors. The concept of the winner is seen from a bird's eye something like a butterfly, opened wings.
French offered to break the city into five parts — just five areas of modernization of the economy: biotechnology, energy, IT, telecommunications and nuclear power. In each of the five districts will have their own research centers, universities, industrial zones, business incubators, and more, as well as residential areas. And although in the Skolkovo innovation city is one institute of technology, but it will break into several pavilions, which will be located in each of the five quarters.

Construction of the center will begin immediately, for a start you should see a single center, which will be focused administrative buildings, and from there go thematic branches.
The first building erected in Skolkovo in the fall of 2011. It will be a seven-story glass cube. On its facade will put solar panels and a huge plasma mediapaneli.
All construction innovation city takes about 5 years and will cost about 100 billion rubles. Will finance the construction of both the state and private business.

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