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"I remember the astonishment with which I discovered first gray hair. Then we laughed with friends when they told me to read in the points. But now, when I lift a heavy bag, I sneeze or cough, I'm not laughing! I think I'm really on the threshold of old age … "

Such thoughts — the first thing that comes to mind when a woman is faced with a delicate, but, alas, often the situation. However, this phenomenon has little to do with old age — the control of urination can be broken at any age. Studies have shown that one in three women in Russia is faced with the phenomenon in different periods of life. And the most common cause of this phenomenon — Pregnancy and childbirth (37%). Changes in women associated with menopause can become a cause of this phenomenon in 29% of cases *.

Why is it women are often faced with this condition? Causes of anatomy: the changes in a woman related to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, lead to the fact that the pelvic floor muscles become weak and lose their elasticity. It is the pelvic floor muscles keep the urethra closed, so during exercise, coughing, sneezing, weakened muscles can not cope with the work. And present us with unpleasant surprises. For more information about the causes and types of urinary incontinence can be found here.

What to do, how to improve the situation? The decision is quite logical — weak muscles need trenirovat.Zastavit their work is not that difficult. Women are three times a day, perform exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for 6 months (of 8-12 cuts at a time) to the end of the study regained control of urination in 7 of 10 cases. ** The technique of these exercises can be learned by Online

What else you need to know about these situations?

The intense pace of life often leaves little time for anything. "Patience" does not improve the condition of our pelvic floor muscles. How often do we really no time to visit the ladies' room, and we defer the matter until the last line? A far from it and before the first drop …

Reducing the amount of fluid intake may result in the urine becomes more concentrated, will irritate the bladder and result in its increased activity. Even when faced with incontinence, consume usual amount of liquid. That should be enough to maintain a healthy urine pale yellow.

Smoking — a bad habit, but smoking itself is not the cause of bladder weakness. Maintainer of its adherents "Smoker's cough'Exerts pressure on the bladder, which can cause leakage.

Coffee, alcohol, tea and soft drinks — Diuretics. Binge drinking can irritate their bladder, and you'll be forced to go to the toilet more often.

Excessive pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor is not conducive to proper operation of the bladder, so the fight with overweight will also help get rid of the urine leaks. It is best to lose weight at the same time with the exercises of the pelvic floor. Load them in this case decreases and elasticity increases.

During and after pregnancy it is important to conduct exercises that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Even if there are no problems with urination is not there — strong pelvic floor muscles can help avoid this situation in the future and recover faster after delivery.

Also remember that you can feel comfortable and confident already in the process of training the pelvic floor muscles. Specially designed to absorb urine strip TENA Lady (Urological pads) will help to keep you feeling dry and fresh.

Age at anything!

TENA pads Lady differ from conventional sanitary napkins. Not exceeding the size of the usual gaskets, they absorb substantially more water because they contain several times the specific superabsorbent which converts the liquid into a gel and reliably malodor. In this case, the surface remains dry, preventing skin irritation.

 Each woman will be able to choose the appropriate absorbency pads and size ***:                                 

  • TENA Lady Ultra Mini — ultra-thin pads (absorbs up to 80 ml);
  • TENA Lady Mini — shims (absorb up to 170 ml);
  • TENA Lady Normal — double absorbent pad layer (to absorb 300 ml);
  • TENA Lady Maxi — super absorbent pads (absorb up to 850 ml).

Where to buy products TENA:

  • Hypermarkets: METRO Cash & Carry, Real, Auchan, OK, Carrefour, ribbons and others.
  • Pharmacies: Wrigley, Old Doctor, Doctor century, 03, and others.

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Other interesting articles on the topic can be found in the Journal TENA Lady.

* These studies on urinary incontinence in women, in March 2009, Magram Market Risech. The study involved 1,700 women in 14 Russian cities with a population of 1 million or more people.

Kari Bo ** (Kari Bö), Norwegian Institute of Sport Sciences, Department of Sports Medicine (The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, department of Sports Medicine).

Absorption *** specified method Rothwell — full absorption, ISO 11948-1.

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