Air Force can take the new bomber 5 years earlier than expected

Air Force can take the new bomber 5 years earlier than expected
Promising aviation complex Distant Aviation (PAK DA) entered service Russian Air Force (IAF) for 5 years earlier than planned, said Acting Deputy Chief of the Air Force Aviation Major-General Alexander Chernyaev.
Distant aircraft commander Maj. Gen. Anatoly Zhiharev previously reported that PAK DA can enter the Russian Air Force in 2025.
«I think the first standards PAK DA will go on air around 2020» — said Cherniayev in an interview posted on the web page online Press Club Defense Ministry.
According to him, such optimistic terms based on the fact that the form of PAK DA has already been formed, and at the moment we are working on finalizing the tactical and technical specifications. «On this day, has everything to create a plane in time and put it into operation together with bolstering its highest reliability Tu-95MS and Tu-160 and Tu-22M3» — said the general.
Cherniayev said that in addition to the development of promising strategic bombers, Distant Aviation plans to upgrade Tu-95MS and Tu-160, Tu-22M3, and tanker aircraft IL-78.
«Escalating fighting abilities strategic bombers Tu-95MS will occur due to the modernization of each component — increasing their technical perfection» intellectualization » military information processes implementation of the aviation system as a whole. (Modernization) distant Tu-22MZ touches, in turn, updates of aircraft systems and precision weapons rearmament based guided weapons air-to-surface «, — explained the general.
Prospects for the forthcoming modernization same strategic bombers Tu-160, according to him, are associated with escalating hostilities parameters needed to solve problems with the use of shock ordinary, non-nuclear weapons, including precision. In addition, the question of modernization of avionics systems and expanding the range of aircraft weapons.
Earlier, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decided to develop the terrain Kazan production association named after Gorbunov new modern factory, where you will run the An-70, and in the future, perhaps, PAK DA.
Currently strategic air forces of the Russian Federation, which are part of the 37th Air Army of the Supreme Command, include 32 bombers Tu-95MS6, 31 Tu-95MS16 and 13 Tu-160 bombers. They are capable of carrying more than 850 cruise missiles, long range.

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