Alexander Barazenka to court remains behind bars

Alexander Barazenka to court remains behind bars. His blame the organization of group activities that led to the massive mess that Tipo occurred during the action business on January 21.
In fact, known under the title "case of 14", 13 people were punished by restriction of liberty and fines. Alexander Barazenka — Last on the list of the accused. He was arrested Oct. 27 after questioning by the investigative committee.
Alexander Barazenka has the status of an accused in a criminal case against 14 people, youth activists of the democratic movement, who were detained after the stock business on January 21. Then Alexander served 15 days in jail for his role in an unsanctioned rally. The fact that his name was carried into the list of suspects in a criminal case, he vyznat only when handed the winter session in Wroclaw Institute.
Alexander called the investigator and stated that come in for questioning after the surrender summer session. Meanwhile, in April in Minsk Central District Court 13 defendants in the case were punished by restriction of liberty and fines.
Lawyer Barazenka Paul Sapelka believes that his client before the court will be in the chamber.
"Since Alexander has charged, then the only thing you can do is to file a petition to change the measure of restraint on his own recognizance. Not very much hope that it will satisfy.
I hope that he does not expect to be long-term trial. Case actually completed. Now beginning to get acquainted with the materials of the case. "
Alexander ancestors lived in Pinsk. His mom Lena Borozenko very worried about the health of his son.
"We did not send any agenda officially reported nothing, nothing … All that we know, as he is a web and messages with a free press.
Fees, of course, very concerned. Hunt to finish my studies it because he can to give more to do for the country than at present able to do.
At the moment, the main thing that with him everything was in order, so there was no problems with health. "
Friend of Alexander Pavel Vinogradov restriction of liberty is serving a sentence in Minsk in the community. Now he visited the factory department, to get there on the account, because he moved to another apartment. Paul believes that his friend would not release pending trial. He remembered that Alexander twice a week removed from the train at the Belarusian-Russian border, and a chance to go beyond the boundaries of the country he did not have.
"I believe that if a man gives himself up to questioning, then put him in custody in such a situation there is no point. As for the sentence, I believe that it will, like all of us — two years of imprisonment."
Alexander Barazenka twice served arrests in 2007 — for his role in the youth action against the abolition of benefits, This year — for his role in the action business. Since May, investigators filed in his criminal investigation as a suspect in the "case of 14".
Alexander enrolled in the second year Vrotslovskogo Institute programmke Kalinouski. October 28, activists of the democratic movement began to carry out actions of solidarity with Alexander in various places of Minsk.

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