Alexei Marochkin: He had a craving for art

5 years as no huge offspring Belarus Vasil Bykov. We remember him. Remember, and in particular we have to shake this his last journey on returning home — funeral Bykov. Memory lives, and every year we have more than we are aware of who is such bulls for us.
That’s why we — painters, poets, musicians — are committed there in Ushachchine in Bulls, where his nest, where he went Cornflower, we conduct open air there.
I was struck by the recollection countryman Bykov — we then asked the 1st already an old man, "What do you remember about Bykov?" — Says: "I know him since childhood, what it was. Here’s what I remember in the morning look in the window, and my wife asks — who it went to the lake with fishing rods? And I looked and I say this guy Volodya, Cornflower, went fishing. "
This is such a small icon, sketch, states that Cornflower lived there, admiring the beauty of those places, lake edge and the edge, of course, extraordinary — mounds forest. Surely then he had a craving for art, first to a fine art, and why he made the first steps — enrolled in art school, in Vitebsk.
So makarom I wish to say that our relationship with art Vasil Bykov was during his life very closely. He never missed our show, he always walked exhibitions association "Chase" for solo exhibitions, as painters who were close in spirit to the majestic offspring Belarus Vasil Bykov.
And I read the hunt such small icons, sketches, because they are okay, apt, like print or cut since …

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