Alexiyevich: We have entered a world without illusions

Znatkevich: Madam Aleksievich you state that a person must now answer that fundamentally, not counting personal life? More fundamentally at the moment you personally outside personnel?
AleksievichI think the quest for the meaning of this. As the world has changed a hundred percent. I understand that the Bible is not copied, but all the same system of values is changed. This sudden test as a real test — the temptation is to humans.
I’m working on the latest book that came with us for the last 20 years, the former Soviet Union — I have 30 years of writing a biography of the empire, the biography of this man, or his autobiography, because in my genre of people will talk about for yourself — because for I find very fundamentally in words some latest electricity, a new meaning … Since we are at home in Belarus, from time to time admire the struggle, because we are in such a state of late, have not yet settled the problem of political power, the problem of the state idea and culture barricade hide from us a lot of other issues that will inevitably arise if we address these purely political issues.
Znatkevich: And these questions can be addressed early in the moment, all the same or have any basic political issues which need to solve first?
AleksievichI as a writer can not answer these questions, I am not a politician. In the Russian school we were taught that man by himself for good, and this makes him a nasty accident. But this is absolutely not true. If we use religious language, there are some Tipo original sin, but basically people forever dangles between good and evil. And as we realized after the world revolution, we think that we some special — Russians, Belarusians, Estonians … This, of course, diseases such growth. Overcome evil can only own land — on the ground of his own soul. But it’s a lot.
ZnatkevichOn our web site visitors on the web quite intensively comment on your thoughts, expressions — I would first wish to quote what comments or dissenting, that there was an opportunity for discussion. Guest Misha Mazak writes:
"I can not agree with the views of Svetlana Aleksievich that naked dictatorship — not the main, what keeps segodnyaschy power. As if there is something more profound. Believe my experience (and I deal with a lot of different character types) specifically horror and hopelessness dominate in the attitudes of people. They are afraid, if this can not explain what exactly. And it often goes through the education of a child, has roots in clumps past generations of Belarusians ". Would you like Comment out this worldview?
Aleksievich: I wish to say that think so — it’s easy. This is the trap barricade culture. We think that people have beloved, decent, and we all are great — the intelligentsia or the elite. And in fact a legacy that remains from such a strong energy ideas, such as fascism or socialism, it is inherited — people. Man remains with the psychology of the victim. And he always thinks that everything that happens — not the result of his will, his life, his beliefs and inactivity. He thinks that povinet someone that we did not own a historic opportunity that was 10-15 years ago. At least, many around us used it.
I can not say that I blame the fact that I support Lukashenko — funny, and no one will, I hope, but as a conscientious person, I believe that the intellectual case — think through things through. And when I talk to people, to think out things through, or try to think out, as it may be, I can say that Lukashenko’s regime would not be such a longish, if he did not arrange for those or other characteristics of the mass of people.
Everything that happens in the square or in the minds of students, young people who have always been part of the revolutionary society of the Belarusian literary society — leave for Minsk ring road, you will see people who are completely satisfied with it. You’ll see them in the markets, even though they opposed, but retain their enthusiasm and some do not go to the end …
That’s the deal much more important than persanifikavats evil and state that it is in one Lukashenko … No. These transitional crotch times are very difficult. Just say — authoritarianism, dictatorship, it simplifies the puzzle elite. And in fact it is very difficult, "pie", and with this we have not figured out — not with his people what he wants now, how he lives, what he is capable of, or with the idea of the state … We have a lot of open questions.
Znatkevich: Quite intensively visit the website responded to your statement that Alexander Lukashenko could continue socialism — concluded with a population of social contract. And now, in comparison with Russia we really protected student reserved poor people, old people. Guests under the name "Antykamunar"He writes — "A fascinating world, but Ms. Aleksievich sincerely mistaken, neither the student nor retired, and none of them (not counting the peremptory grouping) is not protected!"

Aleksievich: For the latest book, "Time to second-hand," I went to Ukraine, the Baltic States and very many in Russia, and Belarus too. I can say with full responsibility that in Russia life tougher. There really such a wild capitalism, totally sassy, which power tries to cope somehow, but this is virtually impossible.
I’m not saying that we live well, but I say that this transitional time Lukashenko "mix" by the Russian Federation, a cheap price, the shadow economy — I’m not a politician, I do not know — but it is in fact, thinking about the power mix this population, and yet he managed to keep it. Another thing that can not keep time, the laws of social development — will have to sell everything, all share and be rich and poor, and the people’s democratic socialism, which we want, when I thought the draft burial of socialism, this Atlyantydy, it never happened. Basically, at the moment such nomenclature capitalism everywhere.
ZnatkevichBut many they say that such nomenclature capitalism has in the last couple of years in Belarus formed, Belarus and Russian moves in the direction that social guarantees and early 2000s disappear …
AleksievichI also read about it, that power currently pripertym to the wall, as neither our homeland now it will not be, there is no Yeltsin and his party have manners, presently ruled by all means, the buck — we came into the world without illusions, and then I will not argue.
Bell"I was amazed the public editor of" Freedom "Aleksievich his compliments Putin. If she traveled to Smolensk region for a week, she would see Straseni and corruption, and that Smolensk — a bankrupt city that people are fleeing from the area. And as Lobby in the Smolensk region in Moscow, no, the funds go from Moscow, for example, Kadyrov. And in this respect I agree with Litvinenko that conscientious people have no place in Russia, and that Putin has made Russia "complete" state. "
Znatkevich: Here is the world of the 1st of our listeners. You like it Comment out?
AleksievichI do not know where I have a compliment Putin and power. I belong to those people who can not be at one with the power, it’s a tradition in our general intelligence. I do not know where this man I had read. From time to time people do not argue with the other person, and with a thought that had them in mind. No, I think that what is happening in Russia — it is naturally more vigorously rapidly than we do, but I never said that this is something that I or people I loved in 1980-90-ies. Wished for. I do not know where people get it.
Znatkevich: Maybe he comments on your word that the Yeltsin regime was destroying Russia and Putin came and was able to suspend some oligarchic processes, but many believe that the same state ran to the other hand, the difference between rich and poor is not lost and Our homeland is as before oligarchic, just oligarc
hs changed names …
AleksievichI do not know, when I read it. I read another that Putin was confronted with the question: Our homeland, or destroyed, or it must somehow muster. He gathered her in ways that he knew of ways, for example, command the military. I maybe realized something simplistic.
Znatkevich: Sometime in the journal "Arche" You asked about the future of the Belarusian language, spoke rather pessimistic, or someone says "close to reality", and among the rest uttered: "We have failed." If it was a question of democracy in Belarus, this phrase would be understandable, but why are we in this context? As I understand it, the Belarusian language is not something that you fought for what value itself for itself, or am I wrong here?
Aleksievich: The fact is that when I say "we suffered a catastrophe," I’m talking about our democratic views, our references, which we thought, sitting in the kitchen and fine when and how we will be free, and thought that the whole point communism, but it turned out that the whole thing in a person. I read about it, I’ve never read about the language.
ZnatkevichBut the question was specifically about the prospects of a particular language — and you were that we were defeated in the first question.
Aleksievich: The problem of language is always spicy enough for me, since I do not write in Belarusian, I was often criticized in this, since my life is so complicated that I’m not good to know the Belarusian language. My friend, writer Maria Vaytsyashonak — she had an aunt in which she grew up, and she has a very charming Belarusian language, which is not a lot of people wrote us … In my family always had read in Russian, and I have this dilemma because I always get around, so as not to hurt someone’s feelings, because for someone it is very painful. Not so long ago we spoke with Gennady Buraukin, and he said that the Light, you must forgive others, you are often blamed, as we are very painful …
Once I read it and Bulls. I do not blame anyone, but I was tired when I was 20 years old they say: why do not you reads in Russian, do not write. And here’s what I’m doing — thought I write seven books, I have written four — is the autobiography of utopia, and Russian thought read in Russian. I write about it, and not Russian or Belarusian history. I’m interested specifically Russian type person. Because when I try to corner and talk about the language, I did not realize either correspondent or not you realized … I these questions never go, this is not a place where I feel free and objectively.
Znatkevich: You write a lot and talk about the "reddish person," Russian man — what do you think Russian man for yourself or for a Russian man you see all the same on the side?
Aleksievich: You know, I think that the Russian people, even you, although I suspect that for you for about 30 years. I’m so a fortiori, since my age much more. I went with their heroes all the way, I’ve not set free from them. This I wrote "In war a woman’s face" and felt romanticism faith that survived the generation when the idea was young, powerful … Once I met with Okudzhava, and it reads like he’s young went to the front, and his aunt looked at him sadly and says: "Two circumstances fight," and he read — "I did not realize what she says." I do not understand.
But when I went to Afghanistan, and we went with helicopter above the ground, and there I see — something sparkles, and they say to me — there is several hundred zinc coffins … When I saw the folly of these deaths, the idea of world revolution, I came out of there a free man.
In other words, I think I’m going together with their heroes. I admire them, some places do not understand, here and there I’m afraid, but the only thing I can completely honestly say that I’m very sorry about the myth decent beautiful man in what we then believed. Maybe it was not, but I liked the people. Like war generation, although they can now blame that they were silent, and that the Gulag — it was specifically with them …
Once, 20 years ago, we smugly says they are guilty. But sorry, we’re just silent … I know a lot of smart people, they say that to me one thing and make yourself at work is completely different. In other words, the danger of authoritarian rule that all are like partners. I know that when I come to a country, then I can invite at least some embassy Spanish master, but never invite Belarusian Embassy. Aware of? And then slowly, they can come to play, whisper something, and that far not all … Unfortunately, we all unwittingly become complicit in what is happening.
Znatkevich: And what Russian traits positive and bad do you have?
Aleksievich: I know that, on what you got me — the word "we" — it’s bad. People all the same individual being, and now just no chorus, choir collapsed, can be here with us, in Belarus there is a general chorus of fighting, but in principle privacy seemingly refutes choir. Everyone goes into itself. I think of this I need to be freed from all desire to generalize and make type.
People now willing and yells each on for yourself. The smallness of the preachers, but they are necessary to nobody — neither righteous nor preachers now not needed. Everyone yells something different, locked himself in his own place. We in Belarus, we are on the barricade, but if it starts to slightly evolve life, it will be very stiff test. Then I liked that there was something above me. While I understand that there is nothing higher for human life. But if people just comfortable animal, it also somehow not very well …
ZnatkevichBut today’s young people is also a lot of thoughts that do not fit this individualism — the same "Young Front", which is quite constructively try to offer the Christian ideology …
Aleksievich: I’m saying that we live in the crotch time, we are busy barricade culture, we its prisoners, and we have a lot in common, but it — crotch period. Later we extirpate ourselves in the world of consumption, because the question of the meaning of life worth everywhere. I lived 8 years abroad, and I can say that there is no answer. All trapped in this usage, this personal life that gets a person to a standstill. Another option on this day, unfortunately, no. Now the meaning of our life is saved by the fact that we are fighting, it assigns meaning to our lives. But then the problems will be much more sophisticated and ruthless, and our culture is to them much less prepared, because we — the people "culture struggle". Tags: Aleksievich

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