All media will be of mandatory re-

Once the bill comes into its own law, all existing media in Belarus during the 1st year will be required to re-register of mandatory municipal.
The whole procedure of adoption of the bill in the first reading took a little more than half an hour. The third part is still pronounced the first Deputy Minister Lilia Ananich disk imaging. She noted that the current media law in force since 1995. And during this time, in her opinion, the law manifested a number of shortcomings:
"No number of key concepts. For example, such as the accreditation of journalists, view media correspondent point, the foreign media, the media, etc. incorrectness."
Also in the current law there are a number of gaps: not defined procedure for financing the media, there is no responsibility for the activities of its founder media. As a result, on L.Ananich, in the media at the moment there is a "very low legal culture." All this is forcing a new law. In its preparation was used legislative experience of, Ukraine, Germany, the United States and other countries, a number of scientific materials.
Chairman of the parliamentary commission said Yuri Kulakovskii employees that the bill received a number of comments and suggestions. But they are not fundamentally and therefore do not interfere consider the bill in the first reading.
Greater enthusiasm deputies raised an issue of mandatory re-registration of media. For example, Gennady Davydko doubted such need. But Ms. Ananich did not leave any hope:
"The new rules of the game, when the law will take effect will be of mandatory for all.’ll Start with a sheet of pure — peraregistruemsya."
Journalists in the press center had hoped that one of the deputies rise question about the web. But this word in the boardroom not sound in general.
According to the procedure, the House of Representatives should pass a new law, and in the 2nd reading. Now deputies received an indicative timetable for their own work. It provides regular plenary session on 24 and 28 (as needed) in June. And then comes a break until October 2.
After the House bill must still be approved by the Council of the Republic, then the head of the country will sign it. Both Ms. Ananich and sovereign Kulakovskii identified that the new law will take effect 6 months after its publication in print.
Napyaredadnni meeting NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists" The House of Representatives sent a legal review of the bill.

I. Rynkevich: developers media law should be included in the list of banned
Now in the first reading the House of Representatives passed a bill "On mass disk imaging." As experts at his comment?

Yury Zisser: Belarusian websites will come abroad

CEO UP "trust system" (winner of the brand TUT.BY) commented the Russian Center for Journalism in Extreme new law on media in Belarus. In his view, the new media law will lead to the coming tyranny of bureaucrats and a sharp decrease in the properties of the Belarusian Internet resources convinced Yury Zisser.
Administrative bridle Media
Experts Belarusian Association of Journalists argue that the draft law contains provisions that can significantly exacerbate the conditions of activity-independent media and become fatal for the development to be independent journalism in Belarus.

Gaiduchevici will not vote
"Honestly, I do not understand this law. Because decided not to vote," — said S. Gaiduchevici.
Anatoly Lemeshonok: "We have enough freedom in full"
President "Belarusian Union of Journalists", editor State newspaper "Respublika" Anatoly Lemeshonok said that the bill is not found on the media "is nothing fundamentally new" and "special excitement this bill did not call."
Lebedko: "We need pressure on the deputies"

The United Democratic Forces issued a statement in connection with the new law on mass media, in which it condemned the repressive character and reach back equal conditions for municipal and private media.
A. Starikevich: "Belarusian terrible experience any laws"
Media Law provides for greater control of the country’s Internet space. In this he was fundamentally opposed to the current law. With all of this is not clear which Internet resources will be considered media. Right to regulate the web given the Council of Ministers.
More repressive provisions of the media law
BAJ lawyer Andrei Bastunets Natalia Pyatkevich refutes the statements that the new law does not impose additional restrictions on the media. Certain observations BAJ zmyastsilisya 17 pages.
Yuri Kulakovskii: Offers still coming
Earlier Commission received comments and suggestions from the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the newspaper "Russian Belarus" and some other editorial societies.
BAJ representatives for consideration of the media law was not invited

BAJ appealed to the House of Representatives with a request to give an opportunity for professionals to be the association at a meeting of the working group and unchanged Commission, which examined the new media law.
The text on the draft law prepared NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists"

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