All will pay 12% tax?

To This time Belarus has a five-level scale — from 9 to 30%. At the moment, all are equally offer to pay — 12%. Why this particular strip, explained in an interview with "Freedom" Deputy Minister of Finance Ivan Shun’ko:
"Average came such income tax rate — 12%. Present. If we divide the total tax on the average wages in general. Ibid invited not only to change the rate, but generally offered to change approaches to income tax.
We do not only enter 12% stake, and take as a value which is not taxed, subsistence wage. And this is for the poor strata not strike, but on the contrary. "
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Stutterer said that a single rate would be the best method to start the reform of the tax system. But in order for this to work, you need to enter 10%.
"In fact, it means transition to a flat tax system. The only thing that foolishly we do — you do not 12, but 10%. It would have been more profitable. After installation of a flat income tax should be abolished VAT and income tax. "

Past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bahdankevich recalls that the faction "plainclothes action" in Supreme Council 13th convocation expressed the idea is not to levy taxes on small consumer budget. When introducing a 12% rate at the moment is to be considered.
According Bahdankevich, the flat-rate will help eliminate the "envelopes" and reduce the shadow economy, which is very high in Belarus.
"It is a huge amount of accomplished people in general are not taxed. And formed a huge shadow savings, which in some places illegal work."
With all this economist sure to make an income out of the shadows, you need to trust in the government.
"We need a lot of things that the government has not and shows how I think, can not display. Here almost all requires the president. This kind of self-confidence, social contract, when we realize all pay taxes at 10%, the government squander them correctly. And here only change the tax rate will not change the system itself. Need for more extensive measures more unique. "

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