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All you need to know about the nannies.  Photo from

How much to pay babysitter?

Before you start looking for child care, decide to: salary, to which you can invite her. Salary depends on the load, responsibilities and qualifications.

Currently, the average cost of babysitting-tutor in Moscow ranges from 1.5 to 5 dollars an hour. The average cost of the services of qualified nurse-educator with the formation of the profile and experience and family from Moscow or the Moscow vicinity — not less $ 2.5 per hour.

The lower the load, the more expensive the service cost. If you take a nanny full-time, it makes sense to install a hard salary in some cases — is the most convenient form of payment. Salary nurse at full load can range from 250 to 800 dollars a month. It should be noted that the agency's staff set a minimum salary of $ 300-350 per month, or $ 2.5 per hour.

Nanny with full accommodation will cost you 500-800 dollars a month. A babysitting service running daily, cost from $ 30 per day. The hardest part — finding a nanny, tutor, willing to work in a non-standard schedule — in the evening or morning hours, Sundays, part-time, several days a week. This mode of operation may be interested in either pensioners or people who need part-time, as well as people who live very close.

Babysitting duties and work schedule

Terms of reference nurse determine the parents. For some, it is important that the child simply was not alone in the house, someone wants a three-year kid easily talked in three languages. On the basis of parental fantasies (within reason) and their financial capacity and to look for the employee. We denote the basic requirements for nannies, breaking them into groups.

For infants and godovashek suit with a medical nurse or teacher education, adhere to prescribed daily routine tracking of hygiene, it is desirable to owning the basics of massage techniques and the Early Development. If the mother is busy all day, the nurse may visit the children's medical institutions to monitor the baby's immunization schedule.

In agreement with the parents in the child care responsibilities may include cleaning kid's room, laundry and ironing his clothes, cooking food for him. All this should be stipulated and fixed in writing, because not everyone agrees on extra babysitting, from her point of view, work. If you think that during the hours of sleep a baby sitter to be busy with something, you can arrange for an extra charge of cleaning the apartment, cooking for the hosts, washing and ironing clothes total.

The kid and a half to two years rather not need to nurse, and educator. In this case, the woman will help teacher education and experience in the gardens. The nurse-educator should observe the regime of the day, watch out for children's clothes and a room, carefully observe hygiene and teach her child. It can take the kid and lead from the garden to visit with him the hospital, various circles. The nurse-educator must know the teaching methods to engage with your child: sculpt, draw, using games to develop fine motor skills, his memory and speech. About homework nurse must be negotiated separately.

Nannies can work in different modes. Choose a review:

  • Full-time, for example, from 8 to 19 hours.
  • Part-time, for example from 8 AM to 14 hours.
  • A few times a week.
  • A few hours for walks, accompany the child in sports or educational group.
  • Night schedule (remember, it is more expensive!).
  • Since living in your home.
  • If you need nanny more than 10 hours in a day, it makes sense to invite two nurses with a six-hour work schedule, or invite them to work through the day.

Where to look for a babysitter?

Only after we figured out how much we will pay the nurse, and what it will do, you can proceed directly to the search. It is best to do it for a couple of weeks before the expected date for duty. This will give the opportunity to choose the best candidate and to be with the new nanny for several days together, to see what sort of person she is related to the child, if she likes him.

Search through a friend

This is the best option, but quite rare. If you are lucky and the nurse gave you "inherited" good friends, do not forget to ask them about its advantages and disadvantages.

Search through ads

The easiest way to find the nanny — the ad. This method is the cheapest, but also the most time consuming. First you need to create text ads, which should indicate the age of the baby, the approximate charge, the district of residence, work schedule and the level of wages in the event that it is not very high. Ads can be given in a newspaper, put online on specialized sites or hang out in kindergartens, schools, day clinics, in the metro, etc.

Prepare to be that the majority of responding will not match your requirements. There is another drawback — the case of illness or vacation nanny you have to look for another, also on their own. Telephone interview with a potential nanny is better to build on the following scheme.

  1. Name the amount you want to pay a babysitter if you do not specify it, and declare, or ask, how much she appreciates their service.
  2. Notify the area in which the nurse will have to work. Be sure to find out in which area she lives and how long and at what transport it will get to you.
  3. Be sure to ask about education, work experience, recommendations for future nurse, she has a learning techniques.
  4. Do not forget to ask if the nurse children, how old they are and who will sit with them if they get sick.
  5. Tell us what schedule would be the nurse. Ask if she would consent to it.
  6. If you are satisfied with the potential nanny, tell soiskatelnitsy the duties. It is best to write them on a sheet so that nothing is forgotten. Discussed the possibility of additional employment on weekends and public holidays.
  7. B sure to ask about the end of the conversation, all Does it suit. If you hit it over the phone, assign full-time appointment.

At the meeting, read the letters of recommendation and performance. No regrets sift those you obviously do not fit. Be prepared for the fact that, of the ten invited to come for an interview will give only three of them, which may also not be appropriate. Do not get discouraged. Keep looking.

Search through agencies

In this case, you, too, or not insured against anything. Many recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting nurses and governesses, promise to customers that all candidates for the position of nanny pass psychological screening, testing, and training. There is no doubt large firms which have proved the positive side for an extended period of time to "recruiting" front, can afford all of the above, but smaller agencies often; limited to obtaining medical book from the candidates. Before you apply and the agency, ask how long it exists. Learn how to speak about his work people who are with him have already been dealt with. Try to find an agency on the Internet, ask questions on specialized sites. Typically, mothers, faced a bad agency rarely write praise, but never miss an opportunity to defame the negative.

Assume that the agency you like, and you have decided to resort to its services. To do this, call the agency and leave the reservation, in which you specify all the requirements for a future nurse. Be sure to tell what kind of an employee must be found in any place, in any schedule, he would have to do, etc. Most likely, the manager will ask you questions that will enable it to pick the person you want. The more information you give to the manager, the less will be useless meetings with candidates.

After a conversation with the manager of the agency begins a search for all of your employees. This process usually takes 2-5 days. Reme
mber that the reservation to anything you do not oblige! If you decide to stay on the candidacy of nurses, the proposed manager, the agency will enter into a contract with you for a certain period of time during which agrees to pick up or replace (went on vacation, sick, do not come to work, just came up to you) staff for our toddler. Thus, ideally, should be taken into account all your requirements and wishes. During the agreed period, you shall be entitled to apply to the agency for counseling through it to resolve conflicts with the nanny, to require replacement. For their services agency usually takes the payment, equivalent to a monthly salary of nurses, or some fixed amount.

In terms of the contract are fixed, the main responsibilities of the agency and babysitting schedule, agreed on a measure of liability of the employee, payment services worker, etc. Also you get all the information about the selected candidate, passport information, information about the registration and place of residence.

Unfortunately, not all agencies verify the authenticity of the diplomas, recommendations, health certificates and other documents of their competitors. So maybe you'll just have to do it. After signing the contract, you can assign the nurse probationary period to take a closer look and see how it fits your baby. If, during the probationary period the nurse did not disappoint you, it will work with your child in the event of failure, you can replace it with a new one.

What is probation?

The choice is made, but you do not know how the kid BoE will take such a major change in his life. Ideal — a few days or weeks to spend together: the child, the nurse and one of the parents. This way you will be able to monitor the work of nurses, and crumb get used to a new person in the house and no longer afraid to be alone with him. Calm down and you're realizing that gets along with the baby sitter. But if this is not possible, then carefully watch the child: what it looks like when you get home, how energetic he is tired or depressed, as a purely washed, dressed in anything.

Pay attention to the nurse. How it behaves at the end of the day, if she looks tired, irritable, or vice versa, is calm and cheerful. Is it not too happy you come? As she talks about the day? Ask about the achievements of the baby, about his behavior. If there is no doubt the professional abilities of nurses, we can boldly enter into a contract for a longer period of time. If contact with the nanny does not work or you think it is not good enough to fulfill its responsibilities, cheating, irritable, etc., begin a new search.

At first, no matter how experienced nurse may be, it requires our instruction. Tell us about the habits and characteristics of the baby, about how best to reassure him that he likes the game. Do not forget to show where is baby soap and a sponge that holds a change of clothes. Instruct the babysitter as you cook the mixture to the crumbs that allergy that he loves, and that is absolutely not. Put the strict condition that, in addition to these products, the nurse should have nothing to give to the child. Be sure to leave in plain view a list of phone numbers for emergency contact with parents, police, doctors, etc.

Immediately discuss the conditions coming into your house of friends, acquaintances and babysitting children. Show nurse walks. Explain where it is categorically not going to. Enter the room to play in the apartment. The nurse must ensure that it does not have sharp edges, beating, stabbing and cutting weapons, household appliances, open sockets, wires, light bulbs and heaters. Teach a nanny to use household appliances, high chair, stroller.

Nanny required to ensure that all chemical cleaners have been removed to a safe place. She also needs to know where the medicine chest, and be able to provide first aid to the child. However, it should not attempt to self-treat the child in the event of sickness, and shall call a doctor and contact the parents. If the crumbs to give any medication, put it away, write next dose and route of administration. Put a strict condition: without your permission nurse nothing but agreed in advance, the child does not.

Do we need a close relationship with the nanny?

It is not necessary to build a relationship so that the nurse felt a family member. In this more minuses than pluses. Loved ones harder to give instructions require them to enforce discipline, resolve disputes with them. Observe the distance, calling her "you".

Do not tell the nurse about their lives, problems, to avoid unpleasant consequences, if the nanny would be too talkative. Do not tell me about expensive purchases, do not show off new things, do not discuss upcoming vacation routes, so as not to cause jealousy.

Develop a reward system for the control of a nanny. This may be additional paid holidays, bonuses, gifts. Discuss it with penalties for lateness, absenteeism, etc. If you do not want to nurse disappeared one fine morning, remember that courtesy, honesty in the calculations, punctuality parents — the basic requirements that are most valued domestic workers.

Work Babysitting is very difficult and very subtly tied to human relationships. The better your relationship with the nurse, the better it feels with your child. Keep in mind that the task of the parents — to create optimal conditions for child growth and development. A coordinated interaction of parents and child care is the key to success.

Natalia Shvareva

According to the magazine, "Mother and Child"

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