America is going through an identity crisis

Study financially supported Foundation Linda and Harry Bradleyav (Linde and Harry Bradley Foundation) from the town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, because he received the title of "Project Bradleyav" (Bradley Project on America’s National Identity). The report, first posted in June, has the title "E Pluribus Unum" (Unity with heterogeneous). This Latin phrase, which stands on one of the state attributes American country — so called Print majestic United States — was the official slogan of the country until 1956, when the U.S. Congress changed its English dictum "In God We Trust" (pin hopes on God).
In 2007 creators of "Project Bradleyav" presentable group booked poll of more than 2,400 Yankees over national identity and conducted interviews with well-known scientists in the country, journalists, political scientists and other prominent figures in public life. Dasledavalisya four South American life nuance concerning national identity: historical memory, civilian education , assimilation, national security.
According to the poll, 84 adstotki Yankees say that there is a distinctive South American state identity. The poll found that Americans understand their uniqueness first as attachment to freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice actual abilities, political freedom. The set of parameters includes the South American spirit concepts such as competitiveness, individualism, optimism, self-confidence, religiosity, patriotism.

84 adstotki Yankees say that there is a distinctive South American state identity.

Coupled with the fact, as much as 63 percent of the Yankees believe that the American sense of national identity is weakening, while 24 percent say straight out that Americans are divided so that they no longer able to maintain a common national identity.
The vast majority of Yankee agrees that comes typical "Balkanization" of America — people share it along ethnic and cultural lines: so says 80 percent of white Yankees, 86 percent and 74 percent dark Hispanics.
The problem of maintaining national identity Yankees report "E Pluribus Unum" determines the subsequent manner:
"[South American state identity is based] is not on a shared ethnicity, and on a set of thoughts. Knowing that stood for what America is not passed on the heritage of genes. This should be taught as the next generation of the Yankees, and those who come to settle in this country . "

24 percent say that Americans are no longer able to maintain a common national identity.

Nothing unusual that the report in the order of "public debate," advises the focus of the educational system in the country for more painstaking teaching American history and celebrate the heroes and public places of historic importance. The creators of "Project by Bradley" also behold the need zapachatkavanni state program that would have assured that all immigrants in America has seized English and usvoyut democratic institutions to such an extent that has allowed them to "participate in the South American vsepolnotsennuyu form of life."
"The Atlantic Monthly" own comment to the report "E Pluribus Unum» called "the report which must read McCain. " Fact, Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee for the current presidential race in the United States, in his own campaign intensively uses "patriotic rhetoric." That and not surprisingly — it is very fitting 72-year veteran of the Vietnam War, who spent five years in a Vietnamese prisoner, where he was tortured, that left noticeable mark on his health for the rest of his life. "The Atlantic Monthly" considers that the report "Project Bradleyav" McCain gives a massive cannon that he can afford to use a large utility in the elections.

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