America remains in Afghanistan in the «heart of the future of chaos» build castles 9

America remains in Afghanistan in the
South American troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014. We have already mentioned that, despite the promise of U.S. President Barack Obama, given the Yankees in Afghanistan built nine new military bases. A means at their will and military contingent.

Currently preparing the so-called «Agreement on cooperation in the field of security between the U.S. and Afghanistan.» It will allow the South American troops and their allies remain in Afghanistan after 2014. With all of this will be formally declare «victory» and the withdrawal of troops to the U.S. president did not look deceiver. But the phrase «security cooperation» will allow the U.S. administration to save face.

But the agreement must Yankees «someday», but right at the moment. Earlier, Afghan President Hamid Karzai was ready to sign the agreement after the elections, which are scheduled for April 5, 2014. And it would be entirely reasonable.
But now we are talking about signing a hurry. At the moment, the Americans insist on signing a document before the end of the year, in other words during the month. For even had specially convened-Afghan council of elders — the Loya Jirga. This irregular council of representatives of the Afghan tribes (something like our Zemsky Sobor), which has no formal legislative power and only going to discuss crucial issues. So, last Loya Jirga met in 2002-2004 to adopt a constitution. Now the main purpose of the convocation was specifically approval of the agreement with the Yankees. November 24th chairman of the Loya Jirga Sibghatullah Mojaddedi said that all requirements are satisfied and the Afghan people to postpone the signing of no circumstances.

What’s the rush? Why not wait for the election? Especially since that Hamid Karzai himself does not seem to hurry sees circumstances. November 25, he again said that initially should hold open elections, achieve progress in negotiations with the Taliban and deny the Yankees arrange raids on housing Afghans.

Here it should be said that the Americans themselves have long been negotiating with the Taliban in Kabul bypassing official authority. In March, after talks in Qatar, Karzai accused the United States in a separate deal with the Taliban. In July, he again repeated his accusations at a press conference. Indeed, if the U.S. plans to maintain its military presence in Afghanistan, without the «permission» of the Taliban to do it would be difficult, because without American support today Afghan authorities will not be able to resist. A is — rightly charged Karzai and the Americans have thrown their own ally, discussing the future of Afghanistan and its enemies.

The only explanation of such haste Yankees signing the agreement, which will allow them to stay legally, it should be seen as an opportunity not enough. Only if the U.S. does not believe that after the elections in April 2014 to be with someone to sign such an agreement, it makes sense to hurry. Sign an agreement with the Taliban Yankees would not be very comfortable, because in this case it is necessary to recognize that the global hegemon lost the war. Well, not the fact that the victorious Taliban sign a similar agreement, even if at the moment of promise not to touch the Yankees after his own victory. And if you need to rush until segodnyaschy Afghan power is still firmly on his feet. While there with whom to sign.

From all this it is imposed not very optimistic conclusion. In recent years, the situation in Afghanistan could seriously worsen. This means that the wave of chaos tightly near the border of our Central Asia. And in the heart of the regional chamber of horror, as usual, will be the U.S. military and its allies. It would not be very great. NATO officials say approximately about 15,000 people. This is not a force that can discourage or provide any unfortunate «stability.» In general, at the moment is saying that «stability» in Afghanistan is unlikely at the beginning was the purpose of NATO. Afghanistan — heart of Eurasia. And the processes occurring there affect the entire region. And what is the impact — is dependent on the forces that are for some reason not in a hurry to leave this long-suffering nation.
Creator Alexander Gorbenko

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