An official of Ministry of Economics of Latvia — we are rubbish dump for Europe

We do not need Europe as a competitive country, we in Europe — a dump. In an interview with Neatkariga said the head of the department of economic development and labor market forecasting Ministry of Economy Janis Salminsh.

"I still have not heard from the head of the Bank of Latvia Ilmars Rimshevicha arguments or evidence that the euro zone is beneficial for the economy of Latvia," — said Salminsh. He added that one thing is clear: the fact that "the euro zone — is the internal finish to the devaluation of the lats, which guarantees only the development of foreign banks in Latvia."

Adviser emphasized that before Latvia was unable to find a government that would try to somehow protect the interests of Latvia. "We do not need Europe as a competitive country, we are good enough for Europe as a garbage dump," — said Salminsh.

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