Anatoly Lemeshonok: We have enough freedom in full

Their findings Alliance journalists do after the law in the first reading.
Prince Lemeshenok drew attention to the article on the application of non-pecuniary damage:
"It turns out that people now do not apply to the tribunal that it hurt, and 10 years later he suddenly remembers that it hurt inflicted moral damage. And here it was necessary to restore order."
Sovereign Lemeshenok said that the Alliance of Journalists sent proposals for simplification of registration, so that the closing edition was more reasonable, so it was hard to influence the media.
"Corporate interests, we tried to protect, expressed their worldview. But there will be seen as quite decide deputies," — said A.Lemyashonak.
On the proposal to equate the web to the media disk imaging sire Lemeshenok Pronunciation:
"There must be a clear gradation, if in fact working on a specific audience, and even a certain reader has with this tool, it is a mass of information. And if it’s just someone’s website or blog, it is unlikely that this can be attributed to media, "- said A.Lemyashonak.
Also sire Lemeshenok said that newspapers do not have municipal subsidies.
"No we do not feed" — said A.Lemyashonak.
He also cited the example of journalistic company in Italy, where even
the owner can not dispose of the fate stupid journalist.
There is freedom of speech, freedom of the media in Belarus?
"We all, who wants who loves their country, who wants to tell the truth, not hide, this lack of freedom in full, "- said A.Lemyashonak.

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