Another five on the loose

He was released favorite unregistered organization "Union law" Yury Karetnikau.
Also released youth activist
Misha Sheremetand.
Around 15.40 on detainees will come out in the case of 4 July blast former activists "of the White Legion" Sergei Numbers Victor Leszczynski, Igor Korsak. Some time ago releasedMiroslav Lazovsky.
Picture story
Total in this case has been delayed by various estimates 50-70 people. Official disk imaging on the number of detainees is not.
On the last Saturday of freedom were released first detainee Alexander Sergienko, Sergei Vysotsky, Paul Kurianovich, and later — a Russian citizen student Vladimir Belonin, yesterday — BSU student Tatiana Pyakun and some others.
Meanwhile, the KGB arrested new suspects Yuri Karetnikova, notwithstanding that it is from June 29 to July 6, was in France, and Misha Sheremet.
Almost detain people on the basis of "there will understand."
During the explosion, on July 4, when the concert on the occasion of the independence days of an improvised explosive device injured 54 people, 47 of them, including two babies, were hospitalized.
Criminal proceedings were instituted under Article 339 part 3 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism).
In the 15 hours to freedom came Miroslav Lozovskiy


He was detained on July 7, but the investigator wrote in the ruling on July 8 as the official day reference period of detention. At the apartment Lazouski raided, then he got into the detention facility.

SLM requests the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience
"The wave of repression against the democratic opposition during the election campaign not only continues, but to a new level," — said in a statement the Presidium of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces.
"July 16 after a search of his apartment was arrested and placed in prison insulator Yury Karetnikau, member of BPF, which is included in a single list of candidates in the UDF candidates in parliamentary elections.
The move means the authorities that they would not heed the advice of the democratic forces not to use explosion on July 4 for political repression. "
In a statement, the UDF calls attention to unprofessional approach employees of special services in the detention Yuri Karetnikova. "The detained them Yury Karetnikau by invitation of the Council of Europe participated in the Summer Institute for Democracy and was in Strasbourg from 29 June to 6 July."
UDF representatives identified that are ready to revise the format of their upcoming role in the election campaign, and urged international organizations who commit election observation linking a final decision on their own come to Minsk with the cessation of political repression.

M. Mushroom: "This is an imitation of activity investigators"

Retired police Gen. Mieczyslaw Mushroom sharply criticizes the way is being investigated in the case of 4 July blast in Minsk. Mushroom says that he did not want to associate what is happening at the moment with 1937.

Favorite "Free Youth" summoned to KGB

Favorite unregistered organization "Free Youth" Nikita Krasnov cause for questioning by the KGB. Interrogation assigned to 15 hours.
In the KGB jail, so referred to as "an American," with the last day of delay teammate Nikita Misha Sheremet. There is also a favorite of the Americans "Right Alliance" Yuri Karetnikau, which, recall, from June 29 to July 6 was in Strasbourg.
S.Vysotski: "The KGB did not even apologize"

Favourite unregistered Belarusian Freedom Party Sergei Vysotsky — one of a number of those questioned in connection with the explosion on July 4.

BHC offers assistance unreasonably delayed

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak encourages everyone unreasonably detained in the blast case July 4, defend their rights and promises to help BHC lawyers.
KGB promised to release Yu.Karetnikava

Members of the political council of the United civilian Party Alexander Dobrovolsky and Valentina Polevikova also BPF activist Alexander Sharafanovich summoned to the Central Investigation Department of the KGB. They should give testimony regarding detainee favorite unregistered organization "Union law" Yuri Karetnikova.

The KGB did not react to criticism
In the management of the Belarusian KGB at Minsk and Minsk region refused to say the number of detainees in the case on July 4. Also respond to the criticism of their activities. There referred to the fact that the commentary on this case gives only a representative of the Center for Public Relations of the KGB Valery Nadtochaev.
But the emperor Nadtochaev refused to answer criticism and complaints in society on how to conduct the investigation into the explosion on July 4.

Igor Korsak can release now

Igor Korsak wife Olga in the investigation department said that the question whether her husband will now released, will undergo examination after 14 hours.


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