APL «Prince Vladimir»

According to sources in the shipbuilding industry bmpd planned to be the official tab recently on JSC «PO» Sevmash » (SMP) in Severodvinsk fourth nuclear missile submarine strategic focus of Project 955 «Borey» (And the first revised draft 955A) will receive the official title of «Prince Vladimir» — In honor of ancient and baptized Rus Prince St. Vladimir, aka Vladimir reddish sun (life years — 960 — 1015).

As you know, originally the fourth «Boreas» practically started the construction of the NSR in 2009 (estimated building number 204), the control of the Russian Navy proposed to assign the name «St. Nicholas.» This title from the outset has been criticized and ultimately was not approved.

For disk imaging bmpd, soon as options offered here, «Sergei Kovalev» (Defended this title the last Commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky), «Ivan the Terrible», also «Dmitry Donskoy» (Transfer of names from the boat project 941UM). But «Dmitry» in light of the changes at the top Russian government has become irrelevant, and the new political trends defeated — despite the fact that as a result of the project in a series of 955 is already two «Vladimir» (Together with a third boat «Vladimir Monomakh»).

For disk imaging bmpd, actual overall techno willingness fourth «Boreas» the NSR to the true time brought to about 50 percent.

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