Archbishop Kondrusiewicz has long invited the Pope to Belarus

Moysik: "The visit of the pope, who was not in Moscow, hardly likely in Belarus, if Belarus so very linked with Moscow. Archbishop Kondrusiewicz has long invited the Pope to Belarus. But Dad, unfortunately, goes only when invited him to control country (in this case, Lukashenko) and leading the church (in this case Orthodox).
Kondrusiewicz, when he was still in Moscow, often invited the Pope to Moscow, but need have been permission from Putin or earlier, Yeltsin, who seems to have expressed the wish that the Pope arrived in Moscow, but never had the consent of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church . A Vatican holds to the principle that must be two conditions — an invitation from head of state consent and control of the country’s leading religion.
As for status, the pope never goes only as Head of State Vatican, and goes to his parishioners, to his own herd, to his sheep, he can not come as a politician, to meet with Lukashenko and only return to the Vatican, not having served the Holy Mass. The visit is first pastoral, to the faithful, and not so meet with the head of the country. "

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