Arrested on hunger strike

The fact that Paul Levinov starving in character protest that it is placed under arrest, a human rights activist told brother Andrew Levinov.
Arrested asked relatives and friends that he had not passed any food or even drinking water.
Ordered the arrest of Paul Lyavinau was issued on May 26. Pershamajski district tribunal found him guilty of disobeying police and small hooliganism during his arrest on March 27 near the apartment of journalist Vadim Borshevsky, in which KGB conducted a search. Levinov appeared there to provide legal assistance, and he categorically pleads not guilty rights violationsconcerning the order.
The last six weeks defender tried to challenge the decision of the court and justify his innocence. While the Tribunal deciphered his case, Paul Levinov also declared a hunger strike and held it for 12 days, despite the problems with health — human rights activist has long been ill hypertension. Under arrest, he also came from the clinic: the police took him out of the room right in hospital pajamas, because doing an order for immediate delivery Paul Lyavinau in temporary detention.

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