Art against dictatorship: Belarusian exhibition in the Estonian parliament

The exhibition was organized by the Estonian public organization «Valgevene uus tee" with the Association "third way" and Belarusian Museum in New York with the support of the Estonian Parliament and the fund "Open Estonia."
During the exhibition opening on June 11th Vice-Speaker of the Estonian Parliament Kristiina Ojuland expressed appreciation and support for the Belarusian to artists for their work for the preservation and development of national culture of Belarus.
The opening ceremony was also assumed the role of recognizable Belarusian painter, architect and chairman Ales Shaternik Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak, Estonian parliamentarians and public figures of Belarus and Estonia.
According to the press to the organizers, the exhibition is intended "for another presentation of Belarus, a country with deep historical traditions and European culture, with the creative elite, which does not wish to agree with the existing order of things now — for the presentation of the Belarus, which has always beenas part of the European cultural space. "
The exhibition includes works Shaternik Ales, Ales Marachkin, Yuri Platonov, the Yankees and Julia Romanovich Shaternik. They are all participants in the creative association "The Chase".

Opening in the Estonian parliament exhibition "Art Against Dictatorship"
Thought Belarusian exhibition "Art Against Dictatorship" was presented in This year March during the first Congress of the Belarusian diaspora latest in Tallinn, which took the role of the Belarusian youth from Europe and America and representatives Democratic Forces Belarus.
One of the initiators and organizers of the Congress, kaaardynatar public organizations "Third Way" Pavel Morozov from Estonia said that the results of the latest Congress Diaspora was adopted Declaration of Intent whereby one of the areas of joint action — promoting Belarusian culture abroad. According to the activist and the founder organization "Belarusian Youth Movement of America," which made Belarusian Museum in New York, Olesya Vinokourov, the exhibition "Art Against Dictatorship" and will be submitted to the European Parliament and the U.S. Congress. Tags: chase, Estonia, Zeno, society panyak

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