As Vadim Zaitsev guarded border near Pinsk?

In the first half of the 1990s, Vadim Zaitsev, who had previously commanded the outpost on the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno region, sent to command just made Pinsk border detachment. I recall in 1991 State of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border was not. According to today’s deputy commander Pinsky border detachment Alexander Makarevich specifically Vadim Zaitsev had to establish a system of border protection, which is valid until This time. Border guard believes that the task of his last employee had excellent.
"If I showed bad, it would not sent out homeland to study at the Academy of the General Staff. Were first and great results. Submit — to establish some kind of a new thing — it’s the true test. As I understand, already few Pinsky border detachment years became one of the best and showed excellent results in the arrest of violators of the border regime. "
Pinsk piece features on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border a few. It is not only the absence of "stitching wire", and natural factor — in the same place here for mushrooms and berries were walking with the inhabitants of the villages and On the other hand border. According to a former colleague Vadim Zaitsev, who found a way out of the most difficult situations:
"What else can I mention? He found a decent sense of compromise, because the Ukrainians came to us in the cranberries, in the same forest. And he could not bring the matter to a huge conflict. Imagine life Ukrainian grandmother walked to our cranberries, and we it — on the border. Yes it clear text states that "wanted to impose this limit!" That he had to meet people, to negotiate. "
Vadim Zaitsev about my interlocutor said that it was "a good specialist and a real officer, without a pose."
Vadim Zaitsev was born in Ukraine, Zhytomyr region. How is it that he was in Belarus andwhat is there to passed his whole office?
After graduating from the Metropolitan Frontier College Vadim Zaitsev was sent to serve in Brest border detachment, and thence to Grodno, where instructed to command outpost named Sivacheva. Exemplary outpost. By Tadeusz Gawin, a former officer of the Grodno border detachment, officers at the outposts occurred only from other republics of the USSR.
"With the officers on outposts virtually all were Russian. They all quit and left. Belarusians in general almost was not. When I started to serve there in 1987, we had 2-3 people. And so were all the Russian and Ukrainians. Such was the personnel policies in the armed forces of the KGB, that Belarusians send serve Russia, Russians send serve immediately. And the governor did not allow local serve immediately. Serve banished to Siberia, and from Siberia sent here. "
By Tadeusz Gawin, officers at the outposts lived closed, its terms, and in particular with the local people did not communicate. "Just to make its own network of agents," — the last frontier guard saw Tadeusz Gawin of service in the Grodno region, which today began his career KGB chief Vadim Zaitsev.

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