At the moment, can only pardon Zeltser Lukashenko

With this sentence a day or Emanuel Zeltser comes into effect. At least some day South American lawyer can bring to the colony to serve a 3-year sentence. It became clear after, Supreme Tribunal dismissed the appeal against the sentence of Emanuel Zeltser Minsk City Court.
Consideration of the appeal in the Supreme Court began at half past nine, and have less than an hour lawyer Dmitry Harachka left to journalists. Here’s what he said.
"Speak so: case underwent review. Rapidly or not rapidly, as I read I can not. Been reviewed."
Dmitry Harachka said also left without configurations and sentence against Secretary Zeltser Vladlena Funk (Bruskova), sentenced to a year in prison.
Lawyer told about the state of health of the defendant’s own Emanuel Zeltser.

Dmitry Harachka"As he was, and remained in the languid state, and I think it will add to him the decision of problems with health. Frankly, he and Vladlena Funk pinned their hopes on the fact that the Supreme Tribunal will apprehend about their informed decision that they are innocent" .
There remained the possibility of Emanuel Zeltser bring a complaint to the Supreme Court, but the lawyer does not believe that it will help. On the question of whether Emanuel Zeltser to petition for clemency to Alexander Lukashenko, lawyer replied:
"This application assumes that the applicant admits his guilt. But my client is not guilty of his own guilt and now also states that did not commit the crime."
Recall that a decree of pardon may seem without petition from the prisoner. For example, since August were pardoned political prisoners Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrew Kim.
Recognizable New York musician Mark Zeltser hopes that the Belarusian authorities still use the last opportunity to release his brother Emanuel Zeltser, specifically through a decree of pardon. According to Mark Zeltser on another South American government will not sign an agreement on the allocation of Belarus IMF loan size of 2 billion dollars.
"If it be so, I have no objections. Understand — politics is politics. But if not, it will cost Belarus expensive, very expensive. Because Americans just do not sign the agreement for the loan. This blatantly.’s Not what dictatorship and fascism."
Mark Zeltser refers to information from the State Department and the U.S. Senate, where Republicans and Democrats agreed Tipo take a common position on the fate of Emanuel Zeltser.
Recall from the U.S. lawyer Emanuel Zeltser, together with his secretary Vladlena Funk was arrested on March 2 at the Minsk airport. According to reports, they flew to Minsk on Heritage Georgian tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili, who died in London. It is clear that part of this inheritance claim fugitive Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky. E. Zeltser’s relatives claim that he is involved in the arrest of a lawyer with his secretary and their trial. Boris Berezovsky, Emanuel Zeltser calls "rogue" and not comment on reports that he Tipo tripled over soon flew to Minsk.

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