Atroschankau arrested for insulting judge

Recall: April 23, when the referee Ilina read out the verdict in a criminal case, dubbed the "case of 14", someone from the courtroom offended her.
The arbitrator gave the order riot policemen detain Alexander Atroschankau. At his office the court the administrative report under Article 24.1 (personal injury in a public place).
Now Alexander Atroschankau summoned to the KGB, that he gave an explanation for the complaints of employees of the institution, which Last year taken from his apartment and computer office equipment.
Alexander’s wife Daria outraged by the actions of the authorities:
"Very disturbed. We called from the 11:00 to the police on Akrestsin the KGB … The fact that the KGB to half the 4th could not find my husband, very surprising. Half hour we waited a lawyer Stramkouskaya the KGB until we come to the Colonel. I think all was manufactured in order to convict Alexander without witnesses, that there was no one on the court. "
Daria Atroschankau stated that prepared a complaint to the prosecutor acts police officers and the KGB.
Alexander Atroschankau be released on June 27.

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