Authorities do not want, that people knew about the case of Shiloh

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Activist Junior Front Ivan Awl expelled from school in Saligorsk without letting pass the final exam. Comment listener:
Man: "After I heard about the case of Ivan Shyla, I’m a day or the following three closely read the official Belarusian newspapers with the aim to find at least some comments on this topic. But tests have been in vain. I found no comment: neither decent nor disgusting. This may indicate only one thing: the government does not wish that people knew about the case. "
Subsequent expression — of returning Russian bank deposits:
Ms. Larisa, Minsk: "On the screen tele on BT as a municipal radio, always said:" Every year, the welfare of our people is increasing. "So come such a time that it is time to return the contributions of pensioners, who promised to return for another 10 years ago. Many never came. We wish to live in dignity, because our return deposits. That moment came. "
Inhabitants of the village everybody Pukhavichy district protest against construction in the area of the plant for the production of pesticides "August-Bel." One of the activists protests Sergei Obrazovsky was twice punished heavily fined. Fined as a resident of the village of Anastasia and Tatiana Popova Dylkovoy warning prosecutors received Tatiana Rysevets. Expression of the listener:
Sovereign Stsyabulya: "After listening to the" Freedom Night "interview sovereign Obrazovskogo come to the conclusion that the plant in the village will be built, and everybody will work. And you, sire Obrozovsky not regret own people. Thank you. "
Expression says Sergey Obrozovsky:
"In-1’s, I do not know why people made such a conclusion that the plant will be built. We have fought and will fight, that it was not. Vo-2, people regret that they did not fight, and that they be poisoned? It will have the best regret? And-3, these people themselves are struggling. themselves go, and they are not so much for me as I am for them. To these people do not trust me, and I told them, they would not have raised funds for the payment of fines to me, also the girls who have been fined. "
Statements about the program from continuing programs Radio Liberty:
Emperor Victor: "What about the work of Radio Liberty. Please first inform the first hour, as it will be conducted. And first pass of the harsh debate where what activities are carried out. And do not waste time on nonsense ether."
Victor Butoh: "For Anatoly Lebedko. Please do not pout to my criticism in the opposition. I speak the language of civilization. What I see, I’m talking about. I belong to the opposition with compassion and would like to build it in power, that the executive branch began to make at least a small part of own direct service obligations in relation to me. And they do not have more than 36 years. "
Man: "Freedom"! I wish to criticize you once again. The fact that you’re really paid much attention to transcendental issues. "Examination of Freedom" — these are some tricky moves-outs of fuel. And people at the sight of your correspondents robbed, but for some reason no one sees. I mean first of BT and other media. Their appeared to give fashion a bad question that even a schoolboy can answer, and so people called. And there across the bottom malehankih signs that Nekhoroshev tele and not disassemble that for every minute — 3500 rubles. This specially coined to plunder through small kids or silly people who do not understand that this method of theft. And the opposition is not allowed on TV, so immediately expose all. "

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