BAE has successfully tested a precision projectile MS-SGP of naval gun MK45 Mod 4

BAE has successfully tested a precision projectile MS-SGP of naval gun MK45 Mod 4
Company BAE Systems and United Technologies Corporation conducted full-scale tests of unified managed projectile (MS-SGP, Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile) at White Sands missile range, New Mexico, USA.

During the test of powered flight, the projectile MS-SGP, released from BAE made 5-inch naval gun and MK45 Mod 4, confirmed the project properties satisfying all targets tests.

In addition, the tests confirmed the tactical ability to produce MS-SGP firing range of 38 km.

MS-SGP was designed as a shell for the U.S. armed forces and their allies created to defeat motionless or moving targets in its price several times lower than the price of the alternatives available.

Vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Weapon Systems Chris Hughes (Chris Hughes) said that the U.S. and its allies in the current time use more expensive solutions to provide fire support and destruction of tactical objectives.

«This will allow the projectile to equip troops South American long-range, precision-guided munitions to affordable cost that greatly expand our ability to fire support,» added Hughes.

Designed to significantly improve the ability of the field artillery of the Marine Corps and the U.S. Army, MS-SGP has a firing range of almost 100 km with an accuracy least 5 m and also improves the ability of the U.S. Navy MK45 guns.

MK45 Mod 4 is an enhanced tool and set subsystem enhancements advanced fire control system, touch-screen interface and the user requires small maintenance gun shield.

Advanced design of Mod 2, longish barrel 62 gauge can also enhance the ability of fire support surface ships (Naval Surface Fire Support, NSFS) and general properties of the mission.

In total, MS-SGP was more than 110 tests and field subsystems towed howitzers firing from the U.S. Army’s M777 is scheduled for the coming couple of months. BAE delivers MK45 gun for the U.S. Navy fleet and 9 other countries, established more than 250 ships and.

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