Basowiszcza: a handful of nostalgic comments

But in 1990 and 1991, when there were first and second "Basowiszcza" I was strong Belarusian nationalist and knew by heart all the lyrics from the album "Party" and "Country longish white clouds" of "Ulysses" (wrote them Felix Aksentsav poet who, according to a decent rock tradition of the late 60’s and early 70’s, the number of full-fledged member of the group).
The first and second "Basowiszcza" I was leading the festival — the organizers of the Belarusian Association of Students (ALS) offered me this role not only because I was personally acquainted with a group of "Ulysses" and the number of their noble manager (at least in the last area of Bialystok ), and since the middle of the younger generation in Poland, Belarus was one of those few who could logically associate a few words on the Belarusian literary language.

Naturally, all the while in the bass quite freely read by Podlyaska. But you take the stage and say to Podlyaska when under the stage heap Russian relatives who have just learned to read literary and wonder what in the region of Bialystok they say it all so to speak, syzveka … We also investigated its only recently. So I had to read, although I already had two young guys who needed earn money on shoes and clothes, and not guzzle lean journalistic earnings with rockers and rokerkami (this seems to be some reminiscence of the then family monologue my wife — she, by the way, our men left under the care of granny in Bielsko and also halts on " Basowiszcza "). On stage I was in the jacket of his brother and American boots, borrowed from the 1st newfound capitalist.
Shoot say that-dushashchymlivae then, but some head Prut tavtalegii. For example, is this: on the ground "Basowiszcza" it was the first. Well, practically: not only we Bialystok, and most of those who managed to reach in 1990 in town from Belarus, first heard on a regular ("Soviet") concert Victor Shalkevich, Kasya Kamotskii, Ales Kamotskii, "Ulysses," "Mroyu." It was like a revelation to some hitherto unknown country. And indeed it was so — we opened itself newest country and thought that soon it will become to settle down …
I remember even as at first "Basowiszcza" bus arrived from Belarus Nationalists (led by Vladimir Orlov and Misha Tkachev), who were traveling under Grunwald celebrate Polish-Lithuanian (Belarusian) troops over the "prince nemchura." And remember Minskers confusion when we Belostokskaya, uttered them that there is nothing to go there, because in 1410 Vytautas troops waged war on the wrong side … It was almost the first public occasion when it was discovered razbezhnasts views on the fate of Belarus between Bialystok and nebelastotskimi Belarusians.
First and second "Basowiszcza" as I remember — it was a solid organizational chaos and improvisation. Programm was some speeches, but it was, so to speak, virtual, because it depended on when and either generally miss performers across the border. In This is the meaninge, apparently little changed. In This year — First "Basowiszcza" when between Bialystok and RB stretched the Schengen border.
Speeches Shalkevich, Kamotskii, "Ulysses" and "Dreams" made the first "Basowiszcza" stunning memory because nothing unusual that all of them were invited to another.
On the second "Basowiszcza" I lent the scene order (torn jeans and languorous boots that A. Baharevich calls "akupantasami") from the 1st punk student. Their svezhanabytyya "Adidas" I left the tent, where they hiss someone else poorer me.
Kasia Kamotskaya acted with "New Heaven" — it was almost the best performance in the history of "Basowiszcza" (in As the last the story that I remember, somewhere half 90th).

And more memorable confusion and sadness when the guys from "Ulysses" uttered to me that his own act without vocalist Andrew Patreya, they will not. Some time before Andrew upset at the mental level and hit the clinic. In Borikite was close to midnight and was raining when I compressed heart from the scene reported that the performance of "Ulysses" will not. With speaker sounded unforgettable words — "Country longish white clouds We do not explain where they came from …" — and in the eyes of our women (married or not at all) glistened with tears.

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