Belarus goes to the regional leader in the production of drones

Belarus goes to the regional leader in the production of drones
Belarus is increasingly playing in the global arms market as a supplier of products sverhtehnologichny military and dual-purpose. One example — the creation of drones.
Nedavneshnee statement of Prime Minister Misha Myasnikovich that Vietnam will buy in Belarus unmanned aircraft systems, became a sensation for the media.

Meanwhile, the expert community was not surprised, because the last couple of years, Belarusian companies and organizations have shown significant progress in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for various types and purposes.

One of the first places among the developers takes personal company «CB» indels «representing the range of more than 10 types of UAVs. This includes mechanized unmanned helicopters, unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems and mechanized air target. This suggests that design office» indels, «one of the big developers drones not only in Belarus, and in the CIS.

Another large focus on creating designs UAV is Physico-Technical Institute of the State Academy of Belarus. This is the organization designated as the lead performer state of scientific and technical sub-program «Creation and development of production technology and the palette of the aircraft, motivated loads and unmanned aircraft systems functional purpose.»

The result of the implementation of the subroutine should be the development and organization of the 2015 serial production not only themselves unmanned aircraft systems, and components needed for their production on an industrial scale.

Besides 2-naming civilian organizations develop quite severe in the creation of the UAV mission profile has also Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus. Because the Military Academy does not have the necessary industrial base, its partners in the manufacture of a prototype UAV act Scientific and Technical Center «LEMT ‘(questions motivated load) and enterprise» NTLab-IP «(navigation systems).

Very promising design experts believe UAV made Belarusian aircraft repair factory specializing in the military as well as civilian on products.

Namely, the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant, under the responsibility of Gosvoenproma, developed UAV «Grif-1», capable of making tactical and operational tasks. In the payload of this machine include various types of optical-electronic (with television and infrared channels) and avionics that provide holding fotovideosemki, radio and radar reconnaissance.

Design features unmanned «Grif-1» allow rapidly changing avionics equipment, including as required in the payload of a laser range finder, target designator, repeater, etc. In developing UAV used modern composite materials.

Machine control can be carried out remotely from the ground or from the data for earlier pledged to board flight and navigation system. Ability of the system controls allow «Grif-1» to make flying at night and in the daytime in all weather criteria.

His version of the unmanned aircraft system aircraft type — «Owl» has developed and introduced in August last year Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant (IRPA).

«Owl» contains one or two UAVs «Siberian Crane-BM» kitted automatic onboard hardware-software complex control (SCU). The composition of the SCU unit includes an inertial navigation system, satellite navigation system receiver unit autopilot, flight data storage, airspeed sensor. Their work provides onboard digital computer system.

Composition of software and hardware type UAV «Siberian Crane» makes them applicable to perform various tasks in the interests of civilians, security and defense structures.

On this day, the main directions of the military use of UAVs are exploration and battlefield surveillance, electronic warfare (what can be applied equipment LLC «KB Radar»), communications relay, creating Mishennaia situation. Promising is the use of UAVs for solving shock problems, and missile defense, distant radar surveillance.

For the implementation of the designated functions on drones could be installed optoelectronic and radar stations, equipment-D digital terrain mapping, means setting goals, guidance systems managed guns. To solve the problems in the shock of the payload can be included precision instrument «air — land.»

Real mass production UAV to IRPA planned this year. «Siberian Cranes» is meant to supply not only the municipal authorities of Belarus in their orders, but also in the countries of the CIS and the CSTO. This UAV decided to promote and markets of Asia, Africa and South America. It is not only the method of sales, and by the creation of the assembly plants there.

In this connection, it is possible that among the models of drones that offers Belarus to Vietnam will «Siberian Crane.»

Alexander Alesin

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