Belarusian Catholics pray for Pope’s visit

In this Sunday before last appeal was voiced in all churches of Belarus.
Cardinal Bertone’s visit Kondrusiewicz referred historic event and stressed that he will come with blessing of the Pope.
Catholics prepare for this visit, but rely on the arrival of the Pope in Belarus.
"Belarusian Catholics pray very long, so to us came to our land, and the Holy Father. It began during the pontificate of John Paul II. In almost all churches had a special prayer, and in Grodno Cathedral This time after each main Mass on Sunday and remains a priest together with the believers they say this prayer for the Holy Father’s visit to us in Belarus, "says activist Minsk church community Nicholas Rook.
By Nicholas Grakava, believers very principle see the manager’s own own church. But it is fundamentally and for the country, he said:
"Especially in today’s foreign policy position for us such a visit would somehow blow the freshest air. As for the believers, and for the country it would be a pretty fun event."

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