Belarusian opposition in the Polish Foreign Minister

"Eastern Partnership" — an initiative which made Poland and which was supported by Sweden, — became the main topic of the talks with the Minister Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski, the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka:
"Today, we transmit the text of the initiative in order to SLM could make suggestions, changes and additions. And very fundamentally, that our voice heard. After all, in our opinion, Belarus — a typical country. And you can not associate it with Ukraine or Georgia. Therefore need an exception to the rule.
We do not have a very positive experience when created universal approaches, for example, the program TACIS. But they did not work against Belarus. And for us very principle, Belarus to: a) there was present, and b) to be treated still marked "exception to the rule."
"Eastern Partnership" is focused on EU cooperation with 4 countries of the former Soviet Union: Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and, subject to certain criteria — with Belarus. International observer Roman Jacob draws attention the fact that all these countries, except Belarus, participate in the program of the EU Neighbourhood. Therefore Belarus very principle to join the "Eastern Partnership":
"Newcomer initiative Warsaw gives a chance to Belarus someway participate in European integration. But, as you know, in this sentence Belarus is considered only from the technical point of view.
Which means "from a technical point of view?" Means — transit, energy issues, illegal immigration, etc. Naturally, there are other major sources energoelementov. And this programm gives such an opportunity. This refers to the Caspian oil energamasty through Ukraine and Belarus to the Baltic states and Poland. "
Another fundamental issue, which is discussed by Belarusian and Polish politicians — this autumn elections to the House of Representatives, said a member of the delegation, the favorite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski:
"All the figures, even such as very well known since the time of the" Solidarity "Bogdan Borusewicz, which is currently Marshal of the Senate reads us it must certainly participate in the elections. Moreover, even if Lukashenko "assign" a few Democrats in the House, it is not worth it and go from there. Need to use the opportunity to use their own new status. Though what role — he better not participating. And none of the other speeches at the meetings did not lead at all levels. "

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