Belarusian poetry sounded in Lithuanian

Celebration at 2-languages opened Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lithuania to Belarus salting Edminas Bagdonas, which has excellent reads in Russian:
"Today, we gather for a party — a presentation of Lithuanian and Belarusian products. For us, the Lithuanians, the Belarusian language is very similar language. "

Adam MaldisAbout the Lithuanian-Belarusian literary connections, which began with Skoriny told two doctors — Lithuanian Petras Brazhenas and Belarusian Adam Maldis. By the way, Adam Maldis in collaboration with Alma Lapinskene, Chairman of the Lithuanian Association in Belarusian, issued a joint research "Perazovy friendly voices."
Dr. Alma Lapinskene noted that now is not the only new prezentuyutstsa Belarusian books in Lithuanian. This year, two people say the same to a typical 100-year anniversary:
"Specifically, in 1908 the Belarusian poem for the first time sounded Lithuanian. This poem Alois Pashkevich (Auntie)" Christine Freedom ", which Costas Stsiblyus translated and published in St. Petersburg. In the same year, "Nasha Niva" published a story Jonas Byalyunasa "Flower of Happiness".
In 1977, Belarus came "Anthology of Lithuanian poetry," and more than 30 poets, including outstanding straw Neris, the Belarusian language translated from the original language Ales Ryazanov.
And then for 3 hours sounded poetry. Ales Ryazanov read an excerpt from "Hunting in paradise plain." A Lyme Lapinskene pradeklyaravala how this piece sounds Lithuanian.

Edminas BagdonasBy the way, Alesia versety Ryazanov now read and salting Edminas Bagdonas.
Anthology of his poems and read a dozen Belarusian poets: Raisa Borovikova Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Edward Akulin Valentina Ales Pashkevich Kovtun, Andrei Khadanovich, Michas Scoble and others. There were translations of their poems in the Lithuanian language.
Poet Sergei Zakonnikau read his poem "Geese", before whom spoke philosophically:

Sergei Zakonnikau"Here at the moment, in this moment we listen to poetry — and we fly away. We fly the constellation Sagittarius. We fly with great speed. Our Earth. And embassy flies. And we fly …
Geese last wedge sky plowed tired, lonely yell.
I, as usual, in a minute hunt around you to shut up … "
The party was accompanied by art exhibition "Miracles Eggs" — drawing the carpet in the space of the modern Belarusian art.

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